How I intend to spend my summer

Summer is here and so a roller coaster of weather! We went from a high 80° (26°-27°) back down to a low 70° (21°) all in the span of two days! But this is The Netherlands and here, nothing is out of the ordinary. So what are my summer plans now that the weather is good, the days are full of sun and the evenings are mild?

Chill the heck out!
I’m done with the Dutch Integration tests and now the waiting begins! I’m not sure if I’ve passed or not but you can read about the material and a bit of the experiences on my new page about Dutch Integration. It’s been such a long journey and I’ll write more about it once I know I’ve passed (or if I have to retake something…).

Enjoy some summer treats
I’ve already been enjoying iced tea all day so it’s time to take it to the next level. We’ve recently had some delicious summer hamburgers but what is more summer than lemonade? Or better yet… S’mores!? I can’t wait to do a bit of exotic chocolate shopping the next time we’re at the market!

Keep my plants alive
I’ve already done a small bit of gardening on my balcony but the true test is the heat. The morning summer sun sits on them directly until about noon so it might be a challenge to keep them well hydrated. I can’t skip one day! Will I be able to keep my new friends alive? Stay tuned to find out!

Get crafty
I’ve been eyeing my craft box more and more and I think I can make the time to pull it out. I have a new watercolor set I’ve been dying to play with and I should probably reboot my bullet journal…

Take a walk on the beach
I’ve been wanting to do this for ages and we just haven’t made the time to do so. What’s even better is that if we wait until late evening we can take the dogs with us! Haru hasn’t been to the beach yet and I would love to see her swim in the ocean. Booker had such a blast when we went but it’s been far too long since then.

Visit an aquarium
When I was younger, my dad used to take us our to sciencey places so he didn’t have to talk to us but we would still learn something. This sometimes included the aquarium. Now that I’m older and I can do what I want… I want to visit an aquarium!

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