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The Dutch and American Treats

The Dutch have a million delicious treats to eat but I always find myself wanting more. I came from California, a place known for taking food flavors above and beyond of what they normally are. I’ve had Mexican and Asian fusion foods, I’ve had gourmet cheese toast, and even brownies that I still dream about.

When it comes to what the Dutch groceries sell, the selection is vast but lacking. Many cookies are the same simple vanilla flavors with sugar on top. We have a small selection of import baked goods but the prices are too high and the flavors are limited to chocolate based. I know, first world problems. But I think it’s interesting to compare to what America has to offer.

Our local bakery sells two types of cookies: Chocolate Chip and American.

What exactly is an American cookie? Well it’s White Chocolate and Macadamia Nut. Which strikes me as funny. I always figured that the iconic American cookie was the Chocolate Chip.

Now, my favorite cookie is White Chocolate Macadamia so I don’t mind but… the flavors were a bit lacking. I’ve always found that the Dutch versions of my favorite foods are always missing something. I don’t know too much about cooking or baking but I’m eager to learn more. And that missing flavor is something I can never pin point either. It’s simply that the flavors aren’t right.

It’s the worst with Red Velvet cake. In The Netherlands, a Red Velvet is a vanilla cake colored red. Chocolate, buttermilk and vinegar have always used in my favorite recipes. It’s what gives that unique Red Velvet flavor that pairs so damn well with cream cheese frosting.

So when I have a craving for anything I can’t get locally, I turn to making them myself. And it’s been an interesting adventure. I’ve never tried the Dutch versions though. That’s mainly because the recipes are in Dutch. My family also found the taste a bit off. It’s fascinating to talk about and I love sharing my thoughts about it. It’s similar to how American Chinese food appeals to an American taste palate. I would assume that it’s the same for the food here.

I’m content with making my own American treats. There’s that wonderful satisfaction of pulling a batch of freshly made cookies out of the oven. The recipe I used came from Sally’s Baking Addiction and I recommend everyone try it. I made so many cookies that I could share some with friends and family. Oh man they were amazing! I can’t wait to try them again. The only sad part is that a container for the nuts costs €5! Talk about fancy eating!

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