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Suffering from Writer’s Fatigue

I think I’ve figured out the main reason for why this year has been difficult for me. I think I’ve burnt myself out just a bit. Last year I was full of ideas, hopes and dreams for the future. This year was a slog. Just the idea of writing has been exhausting for me and I’ve finally pinpointed why. It could be the fact that I’ve taken on other creative projects. Those projects require more time and energy and I’ve stretched myself thin. I only had Dutch lessons the previous years so it was easy to find the time to write. So here’s how I’m battling writer’s fatigue.

Taking time off
I won’t hold myself accountable for X amount of posts per week. This has been a beautiful space for me to express myself. I want what I write to be authentic to who I am. That can’t happen if I just do it for the views. So I want to take a step back and write when the inspiration comes. And it does come! Trust me. I want to be able to write without feeling exhausted all the time. So it’s important for me to lessen my work load. Sander had this week off and I used decided to take it off too. It felt so good to sit back and relax. I slept a lot and played video games I previously put aside.

Making hard decisions
I won’t be doing Nanowrimo for 2020. I know, I celebrate it every year. But I decided to skip it because it will be another thing stacked on my plate. I still love creative writing, it’s in my blood. But instead I’ll do personal projects and reflecting on the stories I want to write in the future. I won’t say it’s the end of Nanowrimo for me but I want to make a post addressing the 2020 skip so look forward to that!

In summary, it’s ok to be tired. It’s ok to feel drained and give into creature comforts. But the important thing to do, is bounce back. Please, if you are also suffering from writer’s fatigue, give yourself the time to recover.

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