Petite Home Maintenance

This weekend was so warm! It was 86°F (30°C) on Sunday so it was perfect weather to do little things around the house.

We went to Ikea to pick up a few things for Sander’s work but we also snagged a VOXNAN toilet paper holder for the bathroom. I love how our home is slowly coming together. It saves us the stress and money from buying spontaneously. We still are looking for some key pieces though. New bed sheets, some accessories for around the house, and little personal touches that speak about who we are. I’ve had my eye on this poster website for a while now and I’m waiting for a good time to buy it. It’s going right into the empty picture frame Sander had since before I moved in! Right now it’s sitting empty on top of our bookshelf!

I’m slowly introducing more plants to our home too. Plants can be expensive to buy if they’re constantly being killed. I pick up one and let it grow for a few months. This way I make sure I can maintain it. We’ve had a lot of success this way and we get all those added benefits from thriving greenery.

Since the weather was so good I couldn’t pass up the change to stain and varnish our balcony rail and furniture. The next step of making the space look summer ready is to give it a good scrub and wash it down. I love having a small space to live. Projects are small and easy to complete in one day. We’re mindful of what we buy because of limited space.

We also did a deep cleaning of the house. The dogs got their yearly bath (it’s not yearly but it sure does feel like it!). Booker wasn’t too excited about it but Haru didn’t seem to mind. We have doggie shampoo and conditioner that smells like raspberries so the they smell wonderful!

All in all it was a productive weekend and a great way to welcome in the warmer weather.

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