I started another Youtube Channel

Oh man, do I need another Youtube channel? No. Did I want another one? Yes. My first one is about keeping me on task with my journals and acts more as a personal space than a public one. This second one will be my first dive into the Let’s Play with Me gaming niche that has gotten huge on Youtube. So I created the Garnet Lelie Youtube channel.

Because let’s face it, I play a lot of video games (too many) and I could be sharing that experience with others. I often watch hours of Let’s Play content from other people. And after a lot of encouragement, I finally did it. I was telling Sander that I’m in the right mindset to create a gaming channel. I’ve wanted to for years but conditions were never right. Either I was unconfident in my skills or too busy to find the energy to be “entertaining”. Now is the perfect time for me to invest in Youtube because for the first 2-3 years (it can be more) it’s a labor of love. And in the words of RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love someone else”!

Putting myself out there
I’ve always been nervous about my presence in life. I enjoy the wallflower lifestyle and that won’t change anytime soon. So when I see these huge Youtube stars with their larger than life attitudes… Who wouldn’t be intimate? And sure I’ve heard about “fake it til you make it” but that’s easier said than done. So in the end I decided I didn’t want to be fake about who I am. I’m laid back, a bit soft spoken and I don’t need to change that for anyone else. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my 30s, it’s that it’s ok to be authentic to who I am. People will love it or hate it, but it will be 100% me. And you can’t please everyone so do what makes you happy.

Are you not entertained
I’m a quiet gamer. I never have much to say about what I do, so recording my voice was the hardest part. My mic is also a terrible one so I did the best I could to work on audio quality. According to other Youtubers, as long as you can be heard that’s all you need. I also worry about how fun my content is. To me, it’s exciting because I’m the player in control. When I think about how many people out there make Let’s Plays who are also quiet, I feel better about myself. I told my brother my end goal would be to have a Twitch channel. I would love to play games and interact with other people who enjoy what I do. That’s such a huge dream with no promise of happening so I’m going to stick with this in the meantime.

Learning new skills
I started to learn Adobe Premiere when I started my bullet journal Youtube Channel. Now I get to learn Adobe Audition. It’s been exciting to get a behind the scenes look at what other Youtubers do and I like what I’m learning. I’ve also learned how to animate on Procreate, something I didn’t think I’d need. I love being able to learn new tricks of the trade. It keeps me from becoming stale. And I can finally start using my education again! I went to school for Graphic Design and I wasn’t sure if I would use it for more than this blog space!

Joy in the process
I was so excited to upload my first video. And I already have another one queued up. There’s that strange excitement of diving head first into a new adventure that still has me gripped. I’d like to upload 3 days a week and the idea has lit a fire under my butt. Of course that means I’ll need to have more structure to my day but I’m alright with that. Sometimes I find myself with more down time than I’d like. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give Youtube a try since I’ve thought about it for years. It always looked like a great way to spend time and meet new people. I hope I can get there!

Have fun
I’m still able to keep up with my previous engagements, like the online book club and the drawing challenge (I’m a little behind on a particularly hard prompt) so this new venture is another fun hobby. Besides the bujo channel is only updated once a month! And now I get to play video games and have the excuse that it’s for my Youtube Channel. I know that only a small handful of people make their big break but right now I’m in it for the fun. So I’m going to enjoy it while that feeling lasts!

And in the meantime I can share some of my game playthroughs so that other people can enjoy them too. I know I’ve been watching a lot more gaming videos since the lock down started. So I hope I can bring someone else joy, like the joy I get from watching other people play.

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