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Don’t panic, that’s not pond water and frog eggs in my glass. It’s actually strong green tea and Boba tapioca pearls! I’ve been a huge fan of Boba for years but I can’t consume as much sugar as I used to. Add to the fact that the closest Boba restaurants are at least 30 mins away… How can I ever enjoy this flavorful drink at home? On our last trip to Amsterdam I found the answer, and let me share with you how much of a game changer it was.

What exactly is Boba?
Boba are large tapioca balls similar to the ones you can find in tapioca pudding. They’ve gained popularity over the years and have inspired millions of DIY recipes. The pearls have a chewy texture to them and are usually put into sugary drinks or teas. I love enjoying them with sugarless tea because it’s easy to consume more than one serving.

It’s all in the name
I’ve had several types of Boba before but none of them have been so easy or quick to make as the packages made by WuFuYuan. This brand is inexpensive as well! We found our pearls in the heart of Amsterdam‘s Asian shopping district but it’s not too hard to find online. Do be careful where you buy it from though. I’ve seen it go for 3 times the regular price on some websites!

Quick and easy
The last batch of pearls I had took about 4 hours to make. Can you believe that!? It was a mix of boiling and letting the hot water sit to cook the pearls. But these babies take 5 minutes. What a difference it makes! The only down side is that the package recommends consuming the Boba fast. So it’s best to use during a week where you’re craving Boba every day. Or, if you have friends over, it’s perfect for a Boba party. And for the sugarless tea base, I steep some pure green tea and put it in the fridge. When it’s cool enough then I add the Boba to my glass and enjoy. I do have a stainless steel Boba straw so make sure you have something that can fit these huge Boba pearls.

Final thoughts
The ones I bought are brown sugar flavor but its not sweet. They’re actually flavorless, how interesting is that? It tastes like how brown sugar smells. You’re going to want to make either a simple syrup or add honey to your Boba pearls. Add your sweetener after cooking the pearls and before they’re in the drink. You can also add the sugar to your drink too, but make sure you stir it up well enough. I tend to take my tea without sugar and milk so if you enjoy the same then this beverage will be a snap to make.

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