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Spring/Summer Nail Polish Picks

Nail polish has always been a way for me to express myself without saying a word. I stuck close to blues and greens as I grew up. It was a form of rebellion. All the girlie girls loved pink and purple and I didn’t want to be like them. As I grew older, I realized that gender stereotypes were damaging to me if I allowed them to be. So I grew out of my rebellious “not like the other girls”…

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Lifestyle Living in North Holland

Saturday Updates

Things have been a bit slow for us here. We were suppose to spend this week in Belgium but I’m sure you’re aware of the travel situation. So instead Sander and I spent a quiet week at home. It’s been nice though and I’m glad we did. So since we didn’t do much, I’d like to share a few updates on what we’ve been up to. Housekeeping Last Friday I spent the entire day cleaning the house from top to…

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I started another Youtube Channel

Oh man, do I need another Youtube channel? No. Did I want another one? Yes. My first one is about keeping me on task with my journals and acts more as a personal space than a public one. This second one will be my first dive into the Let’s Play with Me gaming niche that has gotten huge on Youtube. So I created the Garnet Lelie Youtube channel. Because let’s face it, I play a lot of video games (too…

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I joined an Online Book Club

I’ve always been a huge fan of book clubs. Not because being social is easy for me, but because I get to hear what other people think about books. I was in a book club of coworkers from my bookstore days and those were some of the best get togethers I’ve attended. We were a group of people who got to nerd out with books. And our community knew us too! We used to gather at a local eatery to…

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Living in North Holland

How the Dutch honor history

For Americans, Independence Day is one of celebration. We learn about it in school, throw huge parties, and light up the sky with fireworks. We also have Memorial Day, which is a day of remembrance for all those who have fallen in battle. But we don’t have anything like National Remembrance Day or Liberation Day. These two days are particularly important for Dutch history. World War 2 left a huge impact on the Dutch. It was a war torn country…

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May BuJo Mood Board Spread

We’ve all come to accept that 2020 might turn out to be a year indoors. The Netherlands has opened a few more places but a majority of areas are still closed. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve used my bullet journal as an event planner. It’s been a better use of the paper since most of my days are open and don’t need a to-do list. I set up a spread for April but it’s still blank… I knew…

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Lifestyle The Netherlands

Celebrating King’s Day in Quarantine

There’s a single day each year where the Dutch go crazy with patriotism. They throw huge parties, dress in neon orange, and shop at stores with holiday discounts. That day is King’s Day and it’s the birthday of the current King, Willem-Alexander. For one day, the entire country celebrates as one entity and it’s quite impressive to see. But as you can imagine, people must to stay indoors. No more wild parties and street vendors. A city also would host…

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Food Food in North Holland

We had a date night at home

It’s been ages since Sander and I had a date night. We went on date lunches once in a while before the lock down and it doesn’t look like that will be ending any time soon. I don’t mind eating at home, in fact I prefer it. We get to eat healthier and we save some money. But sometimes there are nights where you want to go out and get swept away in the excitement of a date night. So…

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My current eating habits

I need to preface this and say my eating habits are changing all the time. I like to experiment with what makes me feel good and what I have cravings for. I’m not a dietitian and I encourage you to find food that enjoy eating and makes you feel good! Everyone is different and you should listen to what your body needs from you. Less is more I’m one of those people. I don’t mind eating the same meal for…

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