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Lush Halloween 2022 Haul

I’m always late to the party but that’s how I’ve always been. So when Lush announced their Halloween line up, I was excited but apprehensive. These limited edition products sell out way before the actual holiday. Lord of Misrule has always been a staple of my Halloween hauls but I skipped out on it this year in favor of other scents. Lush Halloween 2022 introduced a lot of new and exciting flavors I’ve never seen before. And of course, Lush…

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The Netherlands Tourism

Asten Castle in North Brabant

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I told you guys I’d be going on vacation! It’s been a a little over a month since then but I needed time to recover because I ended up with Ms. Rona… I’m doing better now and I’m prepared to share about our trip to the Asten Castle in Asten, Netherlands. Visiting the Asten Castle was one of the few things I got to do before I got sick. It was a beautiful and…

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The Keukenhof

The Keukenhof’s 2022 Reopening

So you’ve heard the news that everyone’s been talking about. The Keukenhof is finally reopening for 2022. One of the world’s most beautiful gardens has was closed the past 2 years due to the world crisis, but it’s returned! Be warned that this year may not be all sunshine and roses. I mean sunshine and tulips. One of The Netherland’s most popular tourist spots has been closed for 2 years! Can you imagine what chaos awaits? Not to worry! I’m…

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Welcome spring – some updates


Whew, it’s been ages hasn’t it? I hope you’ve all been doing well. Lots of things have happened since I last wrote and if all goes well, I’ll have more to write about this year. Lock downs have finally ended (for now) and Sander and I have a full list of things to do already! So it’s time for some updates… Can you blame us though? The last few years have been rough on everyone. And the world hasn’t gotten…

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Featured Food

The best ready made Boba

I’ve been a huge fan of Boba for years but I can’t consume as much sugar as I used to. Add to the fact that the closest Boba restaurants are at least 30 mins away… How can I ever enjoy this flavorful drink at home? On our last trip to Amsterdam I found the answer, and let me share with you how much of a game changer it was. What exactly is Boba? Boba are large tapioca balls similar to…

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Early Autumn Lush Haul

Don’t you love the smell of autumn? It’s no secret that I love Lush and their products. So when Sander and I found ourselves in Amsterdam for a few hours, I had to drop into the local Lush. It had been well over a year since I had last frolicked between the soaps and hand washes. What did I pick out in this Lush haul? A few lovely items perfect for the chiller weather. Sex Bomb We live in The…

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TJ Maxx Halloween Haul

It’s finally here! Spooky season has begun! October has always been a time of celebration for me. The days grow shorter. The nights get colder… The trees change colors and clothing gets cozy. It’s no secret that I love October for a million reasons. The main reason, being Halloween is almost here! It hasn’t been easy to move to a country that doesn’t celebrate Halloween. But that’s changed over the years. And I finally have something to write about this…

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A few hours in Amsterdam

A Return to Amsterdam

You know that feeling when you don’t see someone for a long time? At times you begin to forget the way they look, right? You can remember their general appearance, their hair color and the way they dress. But after a while, those memories fade and it’s difficult to remember what you knew so well. It’s strange for me to say that I feel that way about Amsterdam… Well felt that way. See after about a year of staying at…

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A quiet Dutch Birthday

Sander is jarig! Today is Sander’s birthday, he’s turning 34 this year. And of course since the world is still a bit chaotic, this Dutch birthday won’t be like the normal ones. I’m not sure if there ever will be normal Dutch birthdays anymore. But here’s how we experienced it. Smaller gatherings A normal Dutch birthday party has everyone involved. Since The Netherlands is so small, people can from anywhere to anywhere and return home the same day. I’ve seen people…

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