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Lush Halloween 2022 Haul

I’m always late to the party but that’s how I’ve always been. So when Lush announced their Halloween line up, I was excited but apprehensive. These limited edition products sell out way before the actual holiday. Lord of Misrule has always been a staple of my Halloween hauls but I skipped out on it this year in favor of other scents. Lush Halloween 2022 introduced a lot of new and exciting flavors I’ve never seen before. And of course, Lush can be pretty expensive. So what did I get from the Lush Halloween 2022 drop? Let’s get to it.

A whole lotta soap

Between tidying up, playing with the dogs, and cooking, I wash my hands almost all day long. It’s obvious that I would repurchase Ghost In The Dark, the soap bar that screams refreshing. It’s loaded with lemongrass and bergamot, 2 of my favorite scents. Blood Orange is a new addition and caters to my love of all things citrus. It smells like true blood orange and the lingering scent is to die for. The last soap item I got was one of the new shower slimes. The Lush Halloween 2022 Halloween slime is Sparkly Pumpkin, another citrus explosion pared with juniper berry. It’s as you would expect, slimy and oh so fun to play with!

Pamper Time

I was trying to try out the newest face mask to the family, Mr. Pumpkin Face. While the other products are Halloween themed, this is the first of this haul that actually has pumpkin in it. It’s a wonderful exfoliating mask that almost feels like a cream cheese spread. I wanted to slater this on a slice of bread instead of my face! It’s got nice chunks of pumpkin seed which can be perfect for exfoliating. It also has several different types of oils packed so you feel it when you wash the mask off. My skin was soft and fresh afterwards and not feeling oily or greasy. It’s packed with ton of vitamins so that your face is Autumn ready!

Ready for the Holidays

The Christmas drop is live, as of me writing up this post, so if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to grab a few of the things I forgot to pick up. This includes Vampire Kisses, and the Bat Mates Knot Wrap. Vampire Kisses is a lip scrub flavored like sour grape! Sour grape is my favorite flavor! I forgot to look for it in store and realized my mistake on the car ride home. The Bat Mates Knot Wrap is a simple knot wrap, commonly used for wrapping gifts. But the art on this is so beautiful that I’d want to frame it. I didn’t see it in store so it’s possible it wasn’t in stock yet.

As for the Christmas collection, I already know I’ve love to try out Cinnamon Stick and at least smell Turmeric Latte. I hope I’ll get to visit my local Lush again soon!

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