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My American Market Shopping Haul

When people ask me what I miss about America, I have two things that top the list. Going to Disneyland in California and American food. I grew up in a household that wanted me to fit in with my peers. We ate Indian food on special occasions and Sunday. I dressed casually and never learned the tongues of my parent’s homeland. So of course American goods were what I got to eat. This includes everything from the fast food to…

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The Dutch and American Treats

The Dutch have a million delicious treats to eat but I always find myself wanting more. I came from California, a place known for taking food flavors above and beyond of what they normally are. I’ve had Mexican and Asian fusion foods, I’ve had gourmet cheese toast, and even brownies that I still dream about. When it comes to what the Dutch groceries sell, the selection is vast but lacking. Many cookies are the same simple vanilla flavors with sugar…

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A care package from California

I think that even though I don’t act like it, I’m very much a Californian girl. Our current home isn’t comfy enough until I’ve turned up the heat to 32°C (which is about 89.6°F). I’ve been dreaming about wearing shorts again. And of course the strange and delicious foods of America makes me long for home. I was so excited to see that my mom had prepared a small care package for me that was filled with my favorite treats.…

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Cherry Valley’s Lavender Festival

It’s not summer for my family until we’ve been to the annual Lavender Festival that takes place in Cherry Valley, CA. This was the 12th year for 123 Farm, a sprawling estate that helps to bring awareness and an appreciation for organic farming. They have events year around but the this festival has been a tradition for the past five years. Demonstrations showcase different methods of incorporating the flower. The most popular use, other than aromatherapy, is the use of…

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