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My favorite phone photography apps

I find I’ve been taking less photos when I go out. I’m usually outside with the dogs and my hands are full. To combat this I use my phone’s camera. I’ve got three hardy photography apps that I always use again and again. The important thing is to find what works for you and master it!

All these apps are free but you can access more features through unlocked content.

Adobe Lightroom
This is my first stop on the editing train. It’s like the PC version and perfect for correcting lighting colors. I use this often to add more depth to my photos by giving them more shadows. I also use this to make sure my whites are white and not blue or yellow! Lightroom does need a little knowledge of how to manipulate photos but that can be solved by playing with it!

Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop is my go to for fine tuning photos. So far I haven’t used it often and that’s good! I only use it to correct spots and erase things I don’t want in my photos. The nice thing about shooting on a phone instead of a camera is that I can focus in on a subject. My camera has a fixed lens so I cannot zoom in. I can zoom in and out with my phone so my photos tend to be tighter on the subject matter.

This app is well known and has become popular almost overnight. I’ve been using it for years and purchased all the buyable filters. I can’t say that I use them all but I love having options. This the only photography apps that doesn’t get too much use anymore. I only use this for filtered photos that I send to friends. I enjoy photo editing a lot but I don’t like posting heavily edited photos. So this app is useful if I want a specific look and feel to what I produce!

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