Dutch Comic Con

Comic Con is a widely known event where people of all walks of life gather together and nerd out. I’ve been to Comic Con back in San Diego but didn’t know what to expect from a Dutch Comic Con.


“Heroes” was the theme of this year (from what I understand). This covers heroes of all shapes and sizes, of all genres and interests. I think it’s an amazing way to go about things. Usually when one thinks of a hero, it’s someone like Superman or Batman. But the heroes addressed here were both new and old school.

There were four halls in total all focused on one specific theme. The halls were large and open spaced all decorated to the nines!


The hall with the “oldest” feel to it was the or the comic strip hall. There were throwbacks to comic names of all ages. Sander and I were able to make out titles we grew up with and the nostalgia was very real.


The entertainment hall was probably the largest one. It show cased various stages that all boasted charismatic speakers and guests. The events all seemed to drown each other out so it was difficult to hear. However, if you weren’t there to listen then it was a lot of fun to watch. Dutch Comic Con is huge!

There was also a speed dating event! The line for it was surprisingly huge! We had to walk around it for a long time before we came out on the other side.


There was also a gaming hall which was every gamer’s dream! There were various gaming stations set up for players to interact with.

Dutch-comic-con-7There was a large Nintendo booth where all the newest games could be played. There were also gaming computers for people who wanted to face off against one another. A large section of this hall had even been sectioned off for professional drone racers! Can you believe that? It’s too bad I wasn’t able to get a photo of the drones in action… They fly just way too fast!

The dealer hall was where all the deals set up their shops (no surprises there). Sander and I spent most of our time browsing through various goods but found nothing of interest to purchase. Most of the things sold were focused more at those who loved DC, Marvel, Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring, and Star Wars. Not to say that we aren’t interested in those sorts of hobbies, but we have specific tastes in what we want to decorate our houses with.


What I did find interesting though was a whole booth set up for English readers. I was super excited to find titles I really wanted to read! However, I couldn’t justify buying them because I’m trying to lead a more minimal life. If I can, I’ll see if the audio books are available so that I keep my book case limited to the titles I’m willing to die for (well not really, but you know what I mean).


This Comic Con was really excited and for the small fee of €25 per person (we went one day) it was totally worth the experience. Sander and I had a fantastic time and would probably go again next year.


As an added bonus, if you were a Pokémon GO player, special Pokémon were available for the weekend’s events!

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