A Space Oddity

There are a handful of nerd havens in Amsterdam. Most of them remain unexplored by us but there is one that we frequent. It’s called A Space Oddity.

I’ve written about A Space Oddity a few times but today I want to examine what this store has to offer. There’s no lack of nerd culture! From Nintendo mementos to Gundam girls and beyond, A Space Oddity has it all. The first floor caters to plush animals and character key chains. The lower floor has action figures of all sorts, Hello Kitty goods and movie collectibles. Sander loves to take his time and pick through the Pokémon figures for his favorite ones. There’s so many on display!

The upper floor is divided into sections. There are more Pop! figures up here along with Anime figures and hobby building kits. Many of these are Mecha figures but there have been a few garage kits too. There’s also a decent selection of blind box items like Tokidoki and Re-Ment boxes. It’s so easy to get lost in the store because there’s so much to look at. The last time we went was around Christmas time so we went all out and bought all the things we had been holding out on. Sander got a few figures and I got a beautiful little music box. It’s truly a nerd haven and I can’t wait until we go back to see what’s new in store.

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