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Spring/Summer Nail Polish Picks

Nail polish has always been a way for me to express myself without saying a word. I stuck close to blues and greens as I grew up. It was a form of rebellion. All the girlie girls loved pink and purple and I didn’t want to be like them. As I grew older, I realized that gender stereotypes were damaging to me if I allowed them to be. So I grew out of my rebellious “not like the other girls” phase. But of course my love for outlandish colors stuck with me. So allow me to share my typical and not so typical favorite spring and summer nail polish colors! I need to note this post is not sponsored, I just really love Cirque Colors right now.

Rose Quartz Nail Set
I wrote about this set before in my Autumnal Nail Polish Picks and it’s still amazing today. I love nail art but I don’t have the patience for it. This set is so easy to use and the result is gorgeous. The process is simple. Two coats of Rose Jelly applied normally and topped off with gentle application of Chiffon. The great think about it is that you can apply Chiffon any way you want! You can also use both polishes alone for a different look. Ever since I allowed myself to love pink, I’ve search for a few ways to add it to my style. These two shades compliment so much of what I already own and it was a no brainer that I had to get them. No regrets so far!

I discovered vaporwave music early last year and have had a bit of an obsession over it. describes vaporwave as “the muzak that plays in an elevator in a mall in a futuristic Japanese cyberpunk dystopia.” It’s chill, breezy, 80’s in sound and late night in feel. My favorite mix is on Youtube so you can get a feel for it! But back to the point, this polish screams vaporwave. It’s a soft mint-turquoise green nail polish with soft purple shimmer and holographic sparkle. Vaporwave color pallets typically feature neon cyan, magenta and purple and Paradiso captures those tones too well.

Oh boy I do love me a solid green shade! I’m adamant about my favorite color being chartreuse and that’s where Hustle comes into play. Right now Beatnik has been my go to green. It’s not as bright as Hustle and is perfect for those rainy spring days. It’s also been a great go to color when I’m not feeling as cheery. Hustle is a go get’em color and I get imposter syndrome if I try to wear a color to boost my mood. So for now I’m going to enjoy this creamy pickle green shade because Hustle feels like a true summer nail polish.

High Society
This beautiful neon green with copper shimmer was inspired by their 4/20 nail polish from last year. Now I’m not a 4/20 user but I couldn’t stop thinking about this beautiful shade of green. It’s loud, shiny, and a statement all in one. It took a few months for it to be stocked at Hypnotic Polish (where I get my polish). It’s a limited edition color and I didn’t expect to own it. This polish is also one of those where I have to be in the mood for it. I need to find the perfect time to wear it but it sits on my desk for now! Just looking at the color in the bottle makes me happy! I have a feeling this is going to be another great summer nail polish choice.

Succulent Garden
This shade is the only one I don’t own because it’s not available in The Netherlands yet. But you can bet that I will pounce when it is! It’s a gentle shade of khaki green with a fierce red shimmer. To top it off it’s also a bit holographic! Talk about shiny on top of shiny! It’s perfect for a sweet spring morning or a summer garden party. I saw this shade on Instagram and feel head over heels for it!

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