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My Autumn Skincare routine

It felt like the end of summer crashed down on me! One day everyone was in shorts and the next we were bundled up tight. Thankfully I haven’t had to change up my skin routine too much. What worked for me in the summer is working pretty well now for my autumn skincare. It’s always amazing to find a year round routine but I need to test it during the winter before I can make that claim! Allow me to share what’s been working for my sensitive, combination skin.

Iceland Micro Hydrating Eye Stick by The Saem
Whew, what can I say about this eye cream? It’s light, goes on like butter and smells like what I imagine a crystal stream smells like. This was my introduction product to The Saem. It’s a gentle way to begin and finish the day. The cooling formula can be applied straight from the stick or with a finger if you need a lighter touch. Either way it’s a favorite of mine for sure.

Iceland Aqua Moist Cream by The Saem
This is from the same line as above and I love it just as much. It’s a lighter cream but brings a lot of moisture. I use this as a daily cream because it doesn’t make my face look too greasy. The consistency is smooth and easy to spread. It’s great to know a little goes a long way too. I love this brand so much that I want to try all of the other products in this line.

100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil by The Ordinary
I still get those pesky hormonal breakouts and it sucks! I’m going to be 32 soon enough and I still have acne days like I did in high school. Thankfully this light and moisturizing oil has be covered. My skin looks spotless I use this once a day, every day for a few weeks. It really depends on the size of the spot but I love how quickly my scarring fades away. I love to pair it with the cream above for a glowing finish that isn’t too oily.

Tea Tree Water by Lush
I’ve talked about this product for years and I still love it. I use this toner twice a day after cleansing my skin. The tea tree is perfect for keeping my skin clean and feeling fresh even after a shower. A few spritzes of this are all you need too. If you need a lighter application you can always use a cotton pad to apply. Lush is known for their fragrant products but the smell of this isn’t too medicinal or too strong.

Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask by The Body Shop
Every Sunday even I love to pop this on and just chill out. This mask is supposed to help remove pollutants and impurities. It’s a thick and rich face mask that leaves my face feeling fresh, clean and ready for the week. The smell is of Matcha though so if you’re not a fan of it then this might be something to skip. I kept telling myself that I didn’t need another face mask but I would gladly rebuy this one again!

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