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Autumnal Nail Polish Picks

I’m pretty good at buying things that I need and resisting things I want… That is until it comes to nail polish. It’s an obsession where I just can’t help myself! I usually spend at least a month debating on the pros and cons of buying a new shade. And while I do pretty well at saying no, there are definitely times where I just have to say yes.

And the wonderful thing about Autumnal nail polish, is that there are no rules. The season covers just so much! You’ve got the falling of the leaves, the muting of bright colors, and the longer nights to think about. So when I think about the following months and think about what I want to wear, I have tons to choose from!

Halloween Time
There are a lot of colors I think of when it comes to my favorite holiday of the year. This time I wanted something bolder and interesting for my hands. I found the perfect pair for that, Orangeade Obsession by Painted Polish (now discontinued but similar here) and Amethyst by Starrily . I love the idea of layering the vibrant flakes of purple over the neon orange and holographic glitter of Orangeade Obsession. These colors scream Halloween in my eyes and I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this for most of the month!

Beautiful Nail Art
Cirque Colors has their new nail art sets and I caved when the Rose Quartz set went live. There’s also the Green Jade set and the Tortoise Shell set if you want something a little bolder. Everyone is talking about this collection! One quick Youtube search and you’ll be presented with dozens of tutorials on how to get the best results. I’ve been into crystals lately and I’m going to have a fun time placing them on my nails!

Simple and Bold
I’ve been in love with the Hema Nail Polish collection for a while now but I only had two colors. They’ve had this beautiful Wine shade (titled Wicked Wine) that I’ve resisted for so long. But early September I decided that I was ready to bite the bullet. At the low price of £3, it’s hard to say no to more than one. The unfortunate thing is that they say the color is step 1 in applying nail polish… Please use a base coat to protect your nails from staining!

Keep it natural
I’m sure everyone can agree that nothing beats a beautiful and manicured hand. But this doesn’t mean you need to be wearing nail polish to get that look. Just by keeping your hands well moisturized and well groomed you can achieve a sophisticated manicure. I love to apply nail oils and cream to my hands when I keep them bare. I wash my hands a lot during the day so it’s hard to keep them moisturized. And in the winter is important to use oils and creams often. My hands crack and bleed if I don’t!

Regardless of how you wear your Autumnal nail polish, I hope it brings you joy every time you look at your hands!

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