How we’re dealing with a new lock down

On Monday evening the Dutch prime minister live streamed from his office about new lock down measures. It’s been a difficult year for social butterflies because birthday parties, gatherings and holidays have technically been cancelled. Sander and I have had it easy. We’re both quiet people who enjoy staying at home with our dogs. But with the holidays around the corner, it’s been a bit chaotic in our town. And, once again, most items have been sold out in a pass panic. So how are we going to deal with another lock down as the year comes to an end?

Keeping our distance
We’ve socially distanced ourselves all year around but now it’s time to double down on the request. We only visit Sander’s parents once a week because we bring their groceries to them. And speaking of grocery stores, we cannot go in to buy off the shelves. That means if we forgot to order something then we just need to make do. Which is why the next prompt is so important.

What you can do: Plan an online get together with family and friends. Call up people you haven’t spoke to in a while and catch up! Make each other laugh and maybe even sing some holidays together.

Plan in advance
Last lockdown saw a huge demand in simple, everyday items. Toilet paper was sold out, as was flour and pasta. This time we’re a bit more prepared for the situation. Instead of ordering regular flour, we decided to go with wheat flour. It’s the same price and there isn’t a difference in taste. Wheat flour doesn’t sell out like regular flour does and it servers our needs just fine. If we need something else, we get creative. And of course sometimes the best meals come from being creative!

What you can do: Do a bit of meal prep for the week. Make detailed lists of what you need to buy but don’t over buy either. Think about those around you who might need that can of peaches more than you do!

Work from home
Sander works in an office but now he’ll spend every other day working from home. In return, I need to make sure I’ve done my Youtube recording on days when he’s out. That way we won’t clash with each other’s schedules. I know he has video meetings to attend to so I’m going to plan ahead and keep as quiet as I can! It also means I need to a stricter schedule. Sander has a small meeting every few hours and I need to make sure I cook, walk the dogs, and clean around those calls.

What you can do: Wash your hands often and keep them away from your face. If you can wear a mask, do so, but also keep your distance from others. If someone confronts you about your mask, just ignore them. Some people want to start drama and the best think you can do is leave them behind.

Celebrate how we intended to
Sander and I enjoy each other’s company and had planned on a quiet Christmas. We’ve been in quarantine since March so this new lock down doesn’t feel like anything we haven’t already done. We still need to deliver groceries to Sander’s parents so we will see them on the 24th. The 25th and 26th will be spent at home. Usually this is a time for families together and have delicious meals. Instead we’re going to put on a ton of Christmas movies and break out the popcorn! It’s been ages since we watched a movie together so it feels like the perfect time!

What you can do: Go over the top with your holiday celebrations. Don’t throw a party for family members but for yourself! Make the holidays all about you because, honestly, you deserve it.


Please stay safe during this time of the year. It’s so easy to forget that everyone needs to stay healthy, so think of your family members and do what you can to help them. There’s always the next holiday season! If there’s any way that you can bring happiness into your life, then grab it hard! Treat yourself to that show you’ve wanted to watch. Or maybe indulge in a nice hot bath! Practice some self care when you need it because you’re worth it.

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