TJ Maxx Halloween Haul

It’s finally here! Spooky season has begun! October has always been a time of celebration for me. The days grow shorter. The nights get colder… The trees change colors and clothing gets cozy. It’s no secret that I love October for a million reasons. The main reason, being Halloween is almost here! It hasn’t been easy to move to a country that doesn’t celebrate Halloween. But that’s changed over the years. And I finally have something to write about this year. So let’s get into my TJ Maxx Halloween haul!

A healthy selection
Before I get into what we walked away with, I’d like to talk about what they had to offer. When I first came to The Netherlands, it was hard for me to find anything Halloween. We went to TJ Maxx in 2019 but didn’t find anything we liked. This year we found too much stuff! There was an entire corner for Halloween goodies. Sander could see the excitement on my face too! He immediately asked if I needed a cart.

Different styles, different tastes
Whether you like the creep side or the elegant side of Halloween, there was a ton to look at in the store. TJ Maxx doesn’t have an online store so you’ll have to make the trek down and see what’s in stock. I found a lot of items that look good for any party or even regular décor use. It depends on you and your taste but there’s something for everyone.

Our Haul
It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to buying things, so it’s important to show restraint. I made sure to get things we would actually use. So we got a new door mat with a pumpkin and Happy Halloween on it… We also got an pumpkin spice candle, a new throw blanket that’s the softest in the world… And new doggy bed with cute pups and pumpkins. I couldn’t help myself with that one. We have a ton of dog beds but this particular one had little Shiba Inu on it and I caved. There was also a beautiful Ouija board game inspired throw pillow! It’s the most comfortable pillow in the world. I’ve always snuggled up with it a dozen times to watch Doom Patrol.. Speaking of which I should write about what I’ve been watching recently huh?

Should I check it out?
If you’re a lover of all things autumn and Halloween, and have been looking for a way to spruce up with some new things, I say yes! It’s known that all TJ Maxx Halloween inventories are different so each store may or may not have the items I wrote about. But it’s still worth a shot. I found everything I had wanted (the pillow!) and a few more items that I fell in love with. Necessary? No, but lovely all the same.


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