A Shiba Inu Update

Wow, it’s been a hot minute since I wrote about the dogs. If you’re new to this space, then welcome! I’ve got two loveable Shiba Inu dogs, Booker and Haru.

Booker’s name comes from the game Bioshock Infinite. The main character is a wild card named Booker. And that’s exactly how our Booker turned out. She can be an angel or a devil and everything in between.

Sander wanted a more Japanese name for our 2nd dog and after a few months thinking about it, he decided on Haru. It’s a funny story since Haru means spring and our little girl was born in October.

It’s been a few years since we adopted them both. Booker will be 4 years in September and Haru will be 3.

Always Adventurous
Even after they outgrew their puppy stages, these two are always down for adventures. They want to meet most people and dogs. These two also enjoy long walks around the neighborhood. But they absolutely die for off leash areas. I’m thankful for the times when Booker is too exhausted to be angry at strangers… Because boy, she can get angry.

A Bit Feisty
That being said, Booker gets grumpy sometimes. She doesn’t like all dogs and there are times when she feels threatened by strangers. That’s when things can get ugly. Booker’s all tooth and nail when she gets mad but it’s nothing we can’t handle. When I have to walk them myself, I’ve got the strength to keep Booker from lashing out at Haru and at other dogs. If I see dogs she doesn’t like, we walk in a different direction. Other times I’ll stand off the path and hold Booker’s leash tight. I can’t risk her hurting anyone, including herself. Haru is always friendly and has no issues with other dogs. But she’s not a fan of strangers in her house. She absolutely hated my family when they came to visit… Which was such a shame.

Fur For Days
If you take a glance at my photo, you can see fur is everywhere. It’s something I don’t want to hide because it’s a huge part of Shiba Inu life. These dogs shed, a lot. If you want to get a Shiba in the future make sure you’ve got colorful clothing to hide any fur you can’t get rid of! I tend to wear a lot of black… And everyone knows we have dogs when they see my pants!

Loveable and Wild
These two bring us more joy than we could ever imagine. The wonderful part about owning a dog is that you need to walk them. I can promise you I would never leave the house if I didn’t have to walk these two. Especially on these wintery days. Our walks can range from 20 mins to a little over an hour. It all depends on how far we go and how often we stop to smell the bushes with pee on them… Either way each walk is a gift and it helps me bond with the dogs. I don’t have to pull them along often. They listen to voice commands and they walk well (most of the time).

Can’t Sleep Without Them
Sander can’t sleep at night if these two aren’t in the bedroom. Haru’s spot is on the bed by his feet. Booker sleeps where she finds most comfortable. She slept in the bathroom around late December because of the fireworks but those times are over. But I have to agree with Sander. It’s hard to sleep when there isn’t a soft, warm lump in the bed. And in the morning, Booker comes to wake Sander up with her generous licking.

All in all these two have changed our lives. Both are healthy, happy and adorable dogs to have around the house. They’re perfect for our flat too. We don’t have much space and these two don’t take up too much of it. I can’t recommend the Shiba Inu breed enough because I love mine to the moon and back.

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