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5 Items for Autumn

As the days become chillier and the days shorter, I find myself browsing webshops for new fashion trends. I’ve always enjoyed updating my wardrobe with one or two pieces for each season. To counter this, I donate or toss older items. This ensures that my wardrobe stays neat and tidy and does not become the beast I previously had. After donating nearly 20 bags of clothing before I moved, I made the decision to never accumulate so much again. Dealing…

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5 tips for surviving a move

“You totally have a European vibe about you.” I had the rare chance to meet Wendy before I left for the Netherlands and I’m so glad I was able to find the time to have a cup of coffee with her. She had moved around a year ago to live in Seattle. “The hardest thing was not having the sun, especially after living in here for so long.” Wendy had grown to love the community in California and over several…

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