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International Chocolate Day 2018

Today is International Chocolate Day! It’s a bit of a confusing time because there’s a national chocolate day as well. However, today is just another reason to eat and enjoy that delicious dark gold! While I’m all for eating your weight in chocolate, I’ve turned over a new leaf in eating. I still love and would probably die for chocolate. But now I eat a healthy amount of it instead of eating it all in one sitting. So how else…

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How not to make a cake

We’ve all seen them. Articles and posts about making a cake that comes out looking like heaven on a platter. It feels so good to picture ourselves creating such a masterpiece and enjoying it still warm from the oven. But how often do we commit to making them? Usually never, am I right? Baking usually requires a reason. I like baking cookies because I’m craving something from home. I can’t buy sugar cookies here. I make them instead. My Dutch…

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A care package from California

I think that even though I don’t act like it, I’m very much a Californian girl. Our current home isn’t comfy enough until I’ve turned up the heat to 32°C (which is about 89.6°F). I’ve been dreaming about wearing shorts again. And of course the strange and delicious foods of America makes me long for home. I was so excited to see that my mom had prepared a small care package for me that was filled with my favorite treats.…

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Thanksgiving in Holland

Long time readers know know that we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving last year. Booker was just a baby and she was so sick at the time… Sander and I weren’t concerned about anything else but the wellbeing of our small pup. I’m so far away from home, in a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving so I knew at some point I had to do something. Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for life and everything in it. Family, friends, everyone…

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Post Halloween Party: Good Eats

As we get older, making time for friends gets exceedingly difficult. One couple even told us not to plan anything until after the New Year! They were booked every weekend in December. First I’ll talk about what we ate (because it’s extra important) and then how the party went. I think it’s important to discuss cultural differences because experiences are unique to each person. I started this blog to express how it felt to live in a country with cultural…

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Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

There are pros and cons living overseas during  the autumn months. One pro is you get to see the seasons change (I couldn’t previously because California has summer year round). One con, however, is that if I want something very American, pumpkin spice for example, I need to make it myself. Over the past few months I’ve tried recreating some American favorites with mixed results. Before I moved overseas, I never baked so I’m not very confident in my skills.…

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Back home and loving the sun

Sander and I have finally arrived back in California! We’ve been planning this trip for months and the time had finally arrived for us to board the plane and see my family. It’s been around eight months since I was last home and so as soon as we touched down at LAX and I took in a large breath of smoggy LA air, I knew it wasn’t a dream. Our first few days were spent at home, celebrating both Easter…

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Cherry Valley’s Lavender Festival

It’s not summer for my family until we’ve been to the annual Lavender Festival that takes place in Cherry Valley, CA. This was the 12th year for 123 Farm, a sprawling estate that helps to bring awareness and an appreciation for organic farming. They have events year around but the this festival has been a tradition for the past five years. Demonstrations showcase different methods of incorporating the flower. The most popular use, other than aromatherapy, is the use of…

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