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October Tokyo Treat Box

I’m pretty good at keeping my spending habits clean. I only pick up what is needed and not what is wanted. Which is why I felt a little itch to indulge this Halloween. One of the things we ordered was the October Tokyo Treat Box. This is a monthly subscription box that has a regular and premium option. We decided to go with the premium option because it includes a drink and a few other items. For now these treats will…

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Shopping Tourism

Animecon at The Hague

Allow me to weave a small and uninteresting tale. My interest in Japanese animation started way back when I was a small girl. My father had brought home a copy of My Neighbor Totoro, and ever since then I have been hooked. When I was in high school, I attended a few conventions. Not many, compared to my friends, since even back then video games were more important to me, but I had logged a few years in the attendance books.…

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