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Japan Market and SeiboldHuis Museum

Once a year there’s a Japanese Market in the heart of Leiden. It’s held in front of the SeiboldHuis Museum. The Seibold house is the home of Dutchman Philipp Franz von Siebold. He was an avid collector of Japanese flora and fauna. After living in Japan for years, he brought back his findings and put them on display in his home. Years later, this location has become a popular attracting that showcases his work. To this day, it houses items…

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October Tokyo Treat Box

I’m pretty good at keeping my spending habits clean. I only pick up what is needed and not what is wanted. Which is why I felt a little itch to indulge this Halloween. One of the things we ordered was the October Tokyo Treat Box. This is a monthly subscription box that has a regular and premium option. We decided to go with the premium option because it includes a drink and a few other items. For now these treats will…

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Animecon at The Hague

Allow me to weave a small and uninteresting tale. My interest in Japanese animation started way back when I was a small girl. My father had brought home a copy of My Neighbor Totoro, and ever since then I have been hooked. When I was in high school, I attended a few conventions. Not many, compared to my friends, since even back then video games were more important to me, but I had logged a few years in the attendance books.…

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