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Fighting back in Pokémon GO

It’s an hour away from midnight and we’re standing in a circle in the parking lot of Saint Agatha’s church. There are eleven of us sharing drinks, stories, snacks and holding phones in our hands. What are we doing out so late at night? Playing Pokémon GO. I’ve talked about playing before because Sander and I are pretty active in our community. There are three times, red, blue, and yellow. Members fight for control over real life landmarks that are gyms in game.…

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Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Amstelveen

It’s no big secret that Sander and I are gaming nerds. For us, a typical evening is right in front of our PCs with our favorite game on screen. Pokémon GO has been a huge part of our lives since it launched. In the summer months we went out every evening to ride our bikes and catch some new Pokémon. So when the Safari events came up, we were ready and willing to do what it took to attend. It’s widely…

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