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Dutch Traditions



Koningsdag has come once again to The Netherlands. It’s a national holiday and a time of celebration for all Dutch. But why exactly? Allow me to share what I’ve learned about this crazy day. Why April 27? The observance of the royal birthdays goes all the way back to Queen Wilhelmina when she was 5 years old. The very first Princess day was celebrated for her 5th birthday on August 31st 1885. After she became queen she continued the tradition.…

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Roze Muisjes (Little Pink Mice)

The Netherlands has dozens of old traditions. I’m at the point in my studies where I’m learning about everyday Dutch culture. One chapter discussed parties and events. Now I know we have our American traditions that seem over the top and interesting to read about. I find that the Dutch are particular interested in why I celebrate Thanksgiving. But one Dutch celebration that caught my eye (and taste buds) was the one surrounding the birth of a new baby. It’s…

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