Celebrating the holidays without family

The holidays are a special time to spend with family and friends but what if you couldn’t do either? More often than not, I hear that the fall/winter months are a time of pessimistic thinking and that the holidays are a huge factor in helping combat it. That is, if you live close and have a good relationship with these people.

And what happens to those who do not have that? What if someone has lost a friend or family member? What if someone lives just too far away to be able to get together? My father passed away in 2014. My mom and brother simply cannot find the time and money to come and visit. So again, this holiday season will be spend without my friends and family. While I do have Sander’s side to socialize with, it’s not the same, you know?

To help combat those pesky pessimistic thoughts, I’ve come up with a few ways to help cope with another holiday season away from the people I love the most (even if I don’t like to let them know it!).

Themed parties
This coming Saturday is our post Halloween party! Since the 31st was a busy time for our friends, I moved the date to something more accommodating. We’re getting together to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, pig out on snacks, and just enjoy each other’s company. Everyone has different work schedules so gatherings like this happen only for birthdays.

Celebrating culture
While my background has deep roots in India, I was raised in America. We celebrated Thanksgiving and this year I’m bringing that tradition to The Netherlands. Thanks to The Cedar Journal, we found a place close enough that sells turkey. I’ve been spending my time doing research on what foods would be best and easiest to cook (we have a very small kitchen). Sander has the 24th off so we can spend the day goofing off and enjoying the American tradition that I grew up with.

Moving out of our comfort zone
2018 might be shaping up to be the year of music events. So far we have our eye on Paramore and hopefully Fall Out Boy (tickets aren’t on sale just yet). I know we missed out when Panic! At The Disco came this past year but their venue sold out so fast! Sander and I are pretty much shy homebodies so going out to concerts like these will be a mental challenge! So many people, so much noise but the bands we love will be making sweet music so it will all be worth it!

Focus on what matters
If we’re lucky, our family will be expanding soon. I’m not saying anything just yet because nothing is set in stone. However, if our plans end up working out, there are going be some sleepless nights coming soon! The holidays without family can be difficult but if you remember to keep your happiness at the top of your list, you can sail through the darkest of times with ease.

What will you do to stay away from the blues this holiday season?

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