My Top 6 Halloween Movie picks

Movies are always subjective, especially when it comes to holiday favorites. There are no Halloween movie or TV show specials in The Netherlands. So instead I decided to revisit a few titles that bring out the spirit of Halloween for me. Here is my personal favorite list of titles to bring me into that spoopy (yes spoopy) spirit!

The Haunted Mansion
This movie got a lot of negative reviews but I still think it’s super cute. It’s because my favorite Disney ride is The Haunted Mansion, but I gave it a rewatch a few days ago and enjoyed it. It follows the typical story of a father who works too hard and ends up losing his wife to a handsome figure with a mysterious past. It’s a children’s movie the entire ride but it’s not a bad one.

This one is such a wonderful title. I saw it in theaters and cried. It hits a lot of emotional boxes for me. It’s a often used premise, boy can talk to ghosts and is misunderstood by this family and friends. Oh no, the dead are coming to life? Now the boy is the hero! It’s the journey that matters in this story because it’s such a heartfelt message. Especially to those who feel alone because no one understands them. I dare you to watch this and not have your heart strings pulled.

The Frighteners
Man this one’s an oldie but goodie! I recently rediscovered The Frighteners this year when I had flashbacks to my childhood. I remember watching it when I was in my preteens and got the urge to find it after all this time. It will not disappointed! I loved this movie and it’s pretty dark so it’s not for kids at all. If you like ghost stories with a dramatic twist, I recommend The Frighteners.

Sleepy Hollow
Who could ever forget one of Johnny Depp’s more gruesome titles, Sleepy Hollow? I know I shouldn’t have been watching it but as a child, but I was obsessed with this movie. The entire premise of it had me hooked, which explains why I enjoy horror so much. Not the gory kind, even though this movie is all about the gore. Even so, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has always been a Halloween favorite of mine. This version of it is for adults who enjoy witchy sex appeal and dark themes.

The Addams Family
Who could forget everyone’s favorite spooky family? The Addams Family is another classic that I love watching year after year. It’s always made me laugh and come on, who could say no to the stunning and talented Anjelica Huston? I would advise watching every Addams Family movie with friends and of course, family! They might make you laugh and question if they have the perfect family. In my eyes, they do.

Hocus Pocus
I’ve saved the best for last! If you have no idea what Hocus Pocus is, please find a copy and watch it ASAP. This movie defines Halloween for me, spooky legends, demonic (yet comical) characters, immortal animals and a happy ending. I love this movie so much but I’m so sad to see the sequel will not have any of the original cast. This movie gives me life every Halloween!

I know and acknowledge that most of these movies are not to everyone’s taste but this is my list! I would love to see what you recommend watching! Open my eyes to some new Halloween films that will send tingles down my spine!

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