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My experience with a Dutch doctor and an IUD

Whew! I am back after a week of digital detox. It was good for my spirit and soul and I feel a million times better! And what a year 2020 has already been. For my first topic of this year, I’m going in deep with my experience with getting a Dutch doctor and obtaining an IUD. This is such a touchy and personal subject but kids these days are open about everything. There’s an ongoing trend of Youtube videos talking…

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Food Living in North Holland The Netherlands

How the Dutch celebrate Christmas

The Dutch enjoy the holiday season a lot and festivities begin early! We even saw Christmas treats in our supermarket in October! Sometimes it feels like Christmas season starts earlier each year but the traditions always stay the same. So how do the Dutch celebrate Christmas? Christmas Markets I’ve written about Christmas Markets before but it’s such a huge part of Christmas in The Netherlands. Christmas decorations hang from every store front in America. Outdoor house decorations get larger and…

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Reading The Famous Five

I have memories of my mom sharing her time with The Famous Five by British author Enid Blyton. She would hide under her bed in the middle of summer with a candlestick and a book. Her favorite series was The Famous Five and after that was The Secret Seven. She left all her books and more behind when she left her home to live in America. I had never seen The Famous Five growing up but I was able to…

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Small ways to celebrate yourself

I know it’s a bit early for a post like this but I feel like now’s a good time to talk. 2019 was a tough year for many. The world is changing in scary ways and improvement seems out of reach for a “normal” person. I only see high profile people talk about achieving greatness. But what about the everyday people? There are millions of unsung heroes in our world who don’t live in the spotlight. So instead of celebrating…

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My 2019 Favorites

Whew, the year is over and I made it without spending too much money on unnecessary things. I mean I did get a few things I didn’t need but I love trying out new products. But I found some items that work better for me. So while I did spend a little extra money, I found a few new things to add to my 2019 favorites. My skincare and makeup routines hasn’t changed much so if you’d like to check…

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Our 2019 Holiday Plans

December is now in full swing and we’ve got a busy month ahead of us! I’ve never been much of a holidays person but that doesn’t mean I’m a Grinch! We’ve got our share of busy things to do this month. Not only for Christmas but for the New Year as well! 2020 is just around the corner but I can tell you right now that I’m not ready! 2019 was full of life changing moments and it will hard…

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Bullet Journal Revival

Whew, it’s been a hot minute since I spoke about my Bullet Journals. I’ve got two, one for my life and the other is a Blog Bullet Journal. My Blog journal has been pretty active but my life one… It’s spent the last several months collecting dust… I’m sure this isn’t a shocker for many of us. Online Bullet Journals are so beautiful and look incredibly fun to create. But the reality is that they are time consuming and difficult…

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Thanksgiving 2019

Another year has come and gone and that includes the busiest day for me. Thanksgiving isn’t widely celebrated in The Netherlands but it’s been making headlines lately. And while the holiday means different things to different people, I feel like Thanksgiving 2019 was something special. So I want to do something a bit different this year. As I grow older, I find myself thankful for hundreds of small things. It might come from leading a calmer lifestyle (in Dutch it’s…

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Nanowrimo Week 2

Nanowrimo Week 2 has been amazing fun so far but it does come with it’s blockades. Writer’s block, burn out, and a lack of motivation always come after me right about the halfway point. It’s been two days since I wrote anything for it. I can still catch up but let me share an update on how the process is going so far. Changes will in the works I pictured one story in my head and something different is on…

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