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Comparing Dutch and American Birthdays

I’ve been a bit lax in posting this week because Sander’s had time off from work. During this past week we also celebrated his birthday! Not so long ago I wrote a post about how the Dutch celebrate birthdays. I figured now would be another good time to compare them. Sander’s a very low-key and down to earth guy so we didn’t do much. I need to point out this post contains my own personal experiences. I cannot speak for anyone…

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How to Lifestyle

How to fight procrastination

September 6, 2018 is Fight Procrastination Day. It sounds a bit silly to bring awareness to procrastination. We’re all guilty of it. There’s something we need to do but it can wait. It’s far too comfortable on the couch. It’s a wonderful time to watch a series that needs catching up on. Let’s face it, why do something today when we can do it tomorrow? However all this procrastination can catch up to you. Oh I should have cleaned this today……

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To do list

September to do list

I have a feeling my September to do list might revolve a little more around autumn. As the seasons change and the weather gets colder, there are a few things that need to be done. Go through my wardrobe Now is the best time to see what I wore and what I didn’t. If I didn’t wear something last summer, chances are I might not wear them again. Anything unworn will be considered and donated. I’m thankful that I have…

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How I made the choice to move abroad

The end of summer is usually a place for new beginnings. I figured I would talk about the reasons I felt moving abroad was a good choice to make. This isn’t a post about the whole process of moving abroad. I’m still in the middle of becoming a permanent resident of The Netherlands. This is more about the reasons why I left California. Sander was a major reason, of course, but he was not the defining factor. Relationships are two…

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How to Lifestyle

How the Dutch keep fit

Don’t let my tall glass of iced tea, worn out running shoes, and yoga mat fool you. I don’t enjoy a good workout. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that moving your body is important to good health. It’s one of the reasons why the Dutch are always so fit. And it’s no secret that the Dutch have an easy time of staying in shape. A lot of their healthy lifestyle comes from eating well. But there are…

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Lifestyle To do list

August to do list

The summer might be winding down but that doesn’t mean our to do list is short! We’ve got a lot planned and not enough time to do it all in. I’ve got a few more weeks to enjoy August so I’m going to do my best to get stuff done! Eevee event A new Pokémon GO community day is coming up on August 11th-12th. Unlike previous community days, this one is the whole weekend! It’s going to be busy for…

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Pride Amsterdam 2018

We stand squished between strangers. Cheers, screams and pounding music rise up all around us. Confetti rockets out of cannons and rains down on sweaty faces. Rainbow colors soar from windows and adorn painted cheeks. This is Pride Amsterdam 2018. The theme this year was “Heroes”. The website has the following statement: “Everyone knows someone who deserves the ‘hero status’. Think of people who take the lead, stand for something and also propagate it in public. It concerns people, whether…

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How to

How I prepare blog content

A well maintained blog is a labor of love more than anything else. The number one compliment I get for this space is “I don’t know how you can do it so consistently!” I’m not a professional by any means but I love my blog a lot. I want to get to posting every day and have blogging as a full time job. For now I need to work on developing interesting blog content, a creating a professional brand, and…

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Lifestyle Living in North Holland

My favorite iced tea flavors

It’s no secret that tea and water is all I drink. Water is my go to drink when we go out to eat, or celebrate with friends. Tea isn’t as simple to ask for so I never do. I’m not a fan of prepackaged teas either. Many of them have added sugar that make me feel disgusting after an hour or so. Instead I prepare my own tea and I do have some select favorites! Rose Hip tea This tart…

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