Dutch Easter treats

This is more of a hint of what’s to come. It’s still only February. Even though the Dutch don’t normally celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’d still like to talk about it.

But Easter and Paasdagen treats have already made their way into stores. You can say my eyes are bigger than my mouth is! Every time I see goodies that I haven’t tried yet I can’t help myself. So far we’ve only got a small haul but I’ve realized something about Easter here.

Zesty Lemon
Lemon is the highlighted flavor. There are cakes, cupcakes, bunt cakes, cookies… You name it and it has a lemon taste to it. I understand why. Lemon is such a light and refreshing flavor. Paasdagen and Easter are one in the same so it makes sense that rebirth and refreshing flavors are combined. For me, Easter is all about the chocolate, and speaking of which…

Lots of Eggs
The Dutch don’t have an Easter bunny. If you look for anything chocolate during Paasdagen you can expect eggs. There’s a beautiful selection of assorted eggs at our grocery. All of them are various types of chocolate (milk, dark, white) that are all hollow. Inside are so many different flavors that it will make your head spin! Last year my favorite was caramel but I’m looking to change that. This year I’ve found brownie flavored and even coconut flavored. You can bet I’d like to grab a few of those.

Yellow for days
Anything associated with Paasdagen can go back to the color yellow. While I’ve seen blues and pinks around too, yellow seems to be the most popular color. Frosting and cakes are all yellow and I assume it has to do with the lemon flavors. As I said, I need to go back and grab a few more delicious looking treats! I’m trying not to over do it though because I’d like to wear shorts this summer!



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