Our Minimal Halloween Decor for 2020

October is my favorite month. It’s the start of autumn and it has my favorite holiday! I didn’t even wait for September to end before I had this display up. I’ve had my Halloween Decor for 2020 up for an entire week before October rolled around. It’s always been my favorite month and I do as much as I can for it. I’ve got a lot of sharing coming up in future posts but today let me share with you my Halloween Decor for 2020.

Pile it high
I found a magazine that had a lot of Halloween inspiration and ran with the ideas. I loved how one of the displays had crates stacked with little trinkets inside and out. So I decided to do the same thing. It was hard to get out to buy them, because of the current situation, but I found these crates online at Xenos. They’re sturdy and I want to use them for my November decorations too! I always felt like my Halloween displays lacked something and this is the first year that this space feels complete.

Cute little pumpkins
I’ve been slowly collecting pumpkins over the years and this year I got to add a beautiful velvet one. Together all of these guys make the space so bright with their vibrant colors. What’s wonderful is that they can be used into November too. I love when decoration items can double up for holidays because it means less spending on season goods. Don’t get me wrong, I love decorating our home for the holidays. But seasonal items make me sad when we pack them away. I’m still embracing the minimal lifestyle (in our own way) and for us, less is more.

Nightmare Before Christmas Jars
I’m so happy to say that even after a few years, I still love these jars! I never did a lot of crafting when I lived in America so I threw my heart into these jars. The result is something that can be used year after year and holds fond memories for me. The Nightmare Before Christmas movie was a popular one during my childhood and we even owned the VHS! Haha, VHS, that takes me back… If you want to make our own jars, you can see how I made them here.

Add a little fire
If you’ve seen the movie Hocus Pocus, then you know that there’s a little legendary candle that causes a big problem. Candles always have two meanings for me, warm and cozy and then ancient and spooky. We don’t use candles to light our homes anymore, so the idea feels outdated… Which is perfect for Halloween! I don’t light these candles often so don’t worry! I won’t burn the house down. The little flames just looked too good for a photo and I couldn’t resist.

And speaking of which…

It’s all just a bit of Hocus Pocus
I was over the moon when I heard that Hocus Pocus is popular again. But of course in The Netherlands, it’s difficult to get American goods. I was super lucky to find these POP Figures of my favorite witchy trio for sale in NL! However they’re super expensive compared to the American stores and I opted for the flying versions of them instead. It was much cheaper and honestly, I love this version more. The figures I have are of the ladies on their broomsticks and I can’t help but laugh when I look at them.

I know Halloween this year is going to be hard on a lot of people. This whole year has been rough for a million different reasons. Celebrating in small ways helped me coped with living abroad in my first years in The Netherlands, and I still do it to this day. I discovered that I had to make myself happy if I wanted to be happy. Decorating our home like this makes me happier than ever and I smile whenever I glance over at what I’ve made.

I hope you too, dear reader, can infuse some happiness into your life. Find ways to make yourself happy and pursue them. And remember that anything worth it is worth fighting for.

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