My Valentine’s Day To do list

It doesn’t matter if you celebrate Valentine’s Day alone or with a partner, I think it’s an important day to remember. Not because of consumerism or romance. If there’s one day to love yourself, it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s important to love yourself before you begin to love someone else. Because if you don’t respect who you are, and what you stand for… How can you help support someone else? So this Valentine’s Day, take the time to show some love to the most important person in your life… You! Let me share what I’m going to do to show myself some love.

You are loved
You don’t have to have a partner to be loved. Remind yourself that every day. Love can come within and it can take years to understand that. Keep at it though because loving yourself is such an important step to take. I’m going to remind myself to love myself for who I am. My imperfections, experiences, and memories make me who I am. There have been tough times and good times. And after it all, I take the time to remind myself that I am loved.

Selfcare to the max
Movies always show women going all out to get ready for a Valentine’s Day date. Why do you need a reason to dress up and feel fabulous? Answer is, you don’t. Feel free to dress up and be expressive every day of the year! Go out and get your hair or nails done. Grab a cup of that extra tasty coffee you love. Selfcare is about making yourself feel good to recharge your bones.

Go deeper
But selfcare doesn’t stop at skin deep treatments. Think of your mental health too. Take a few moments to access how you’ve been feeling as of late. It’s ok to be happy when you don’t feel like you deserve it. And it’s alright to be sad too. Your emotions are justifiable and that’s important to understand. As for me, I plan on sitting down with a huge cup of hot tea, my new favorite podcast (My Favorite Murder), and a few hours of Red Dead Redemption 2!

No one needs to know
Of course, last but not least those post Valentine’s Day chocolate prices… Oh boy, if you love chocolate, the 15th is the best day to go out and stock up. Eating your favorite foods is part of caring for yourself. Just don’t go overboard like a friend of mine… She tends to skip dinner in favor of a box of chocolates… Not the right way to go! But if you decide to eat a few extra pieces, I won’t tell anyone!

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