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Our first frost!

This has been the warmest winter in years! Imagine my surprise to wake up and see the landscape with frost all over. I had been hoping to wake up to a white Christmas but it was still too warm.

Now we have had light frost on the trees and ground before. But this was as close to a winter wonderland as it was going to get. The air was so crisp and refreshing but the ground was so stiff under my boots that my feet hurt!

I take Booker out for several walks throughout the day. It was such a pleasure to see frost until sundown. Most of the time it warms up enough that the frost melts. Today the temperature decided to stay low enough to maintain the frost the entire day.

And of course we had frozen water so ducks everywhere had to take cover on land. It was cute to watch but Booker was having the best day ever. She wanted to chase every duck that we ran into and I had to nudge her away. She’s always distracted on walks, it will be so nice when she can focus on the walking!

Although I can’t speak for the whole country, I know that the small cities around us had similar weather. I don’t recall hearing about Amsterdam having frozen canals. It’s possible that the city was too warm for the water to freeze over.

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