To do list

September to do list

I have a feeling my September to do list might revolve a little more around autumn. As the seasons change and the weather gets colder, there are a few things that need to be done.

Go through my wardrobe
Now is the best time to see what I wore and what I didn’t. If I didn’t wear something last summer, chances are I might not wear them again. Anything unworn will be considered and donated. I’m thankful that I have enough warm clothing to take me into winter so I don’t need to buy more. Now it’s downsizing what I have to what I love to wear. This is a major step in keeping and maintaining a minimalist wardrobe.

Organize the pantry
Sander loves winter snacks but often forgets we have them. I still haven’t made the time to clean out the pantry and I should do it before he buys more! He loves eating taaitaais during the holidays and I think we might have a bag or two left!

Create a blog planner
I’ve been obsessed with bullet journals for their creativity. But I never had a need to make and maintain one. I don’t have many appointments to make and keep. I use my phone to keep track of the few things I do have. Yet I’ve decided I might like to have a blog planner. This will help me plan future posts, take the time to make more content for more posting days. Not to mention it will help with my obsession over bullet journals!

Search for a few Halloween DYI’s
I had such a great time making those Nightmare Before Christmas jars and I want to make a few more things this month. I know I’ve already said this but I love Halloween and planning for it! I’d like to make a small decorated space this year. I want to be able to keep Halloween decor and have it be timeless and easy to store. We don’t have a lot of room for storage so every square foot counts!

September will be as busy as previous months. I still have a lot of Dutch homework to keep up and maintain. For me, September will be a time for going back to school and getting organized. I’d like to keep that theme because it makes me feel so good!

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