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The Keukenhof Willem – Alexander Pavilion

The Willem – Alexander Pavilion is one of three “flower buildings” located in the Keukenhof and holds the name of the current Dutch King. Rows and rows of different types of flowers are displayed here but the most popular type of flower is the tulip.

The Dutch are most known for their tulips so there’s no surprise there. The flower was popular in the mid-seventeenth century and even created “Tulip Mania.”

From there it seems the crazy never left The Netherlands. All this history and more can be found inside the park’s various buildings. What’s wonderful about the Keukenhof is that it’s as much as a historical landmark and slice of history as it is an open air museum.

This “Tulip Mania” is what helped the Dutch Golden Age bloom, so to speak. And even though the Dutch did well before the rise of the tulip… Well let’s try and picture a beautiful Dutch landscape without those millions of rows we always see on the internet.

People who have never been to The Netherlands can speak about those colorful blooms because of photos they’ve seen. The Netherlands has made it to bucket lists time after time because people want to see those flowers for themselves. The raw and natural beauty can only be enjoyed when seen in person.

People can also relate those fields of tulips to what it is to be Dutch. And while it’s only a small part of the Dutch lifestyle, it’s possible that it’s the only part outsiders will ever see. And for some that’s good enough. But for others, for thousands of tourists, it’s not enough to see a photo. They want to witness those rolling fields for themselves.

It’s the desire to learn about different cultures that drives humans to grow and thrive. It’s a shame we only get to see these blooms once a year. The Keukenhof not the entire Dutch experience but it’s an exquisite slice.

I understand that the Keukenhof isn’t the best place to see the tulips but it’s the easiest to access. The sprawling 79 acres gives tourists more than enough space to wander and to view the local pride. By local, I mean from all over The Netherlands.

This year is the first time I’ve heard of the park closing it’s doors early. The weather was so wonderful the weekend Easter weekend that too many people came to see visit. The visitor capacity limit reached it’s limit.

I’m thankful that we got to see it again this year. I do encourage online pre-sale tickets if you want to go. This year is almost at a close though so be sure to check the opening dates. The weather has been warm with clear blue skies so now is the best time to get in and see the flowers before their season is over.

I’m not sure if we will attend next year though. With rising visitor numbers it may be better to allow tourists to view the gardens. I love roaming among the flowers but I’m hardly a tourist anymore!

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