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Autumn Capsule Wardrobe 2019

My Autumn capsule wardrobe is as simple as it can get. My favorite comfortable items paired with heavy layers to keep me warm. What keeps my look polished are my accessories. I’ve got a small number of beautiful and timeless jewelry pieces to add shine to my outfit. My current bag obsession is a small fanny pack in mustard. As for the rest of my wardrobe, it’s had a few changes. Nothing too amazing though! I’ve added a bit of color to my black ensemble.

I hope that this little roundup can give some inspiration. I’m not a fashion blogger because my fashion sense is anything special. I like being cozy! I don’t buy a lot with each new season. But I still want to talk about why I enjoy wearing these pieces. The exciting thing about capsule wardrobes, is that it’s a seasonal fashion snapshot. It also goes to show that you don’t need to keep buying new things when the weather starts to change!

Hoodies for days
I’ve got a few interchangeable hoodies so I never run out. The colder weather is all about layering. So wearing a tee and a hoodie are as simple as one can get! What makes the outfit stand out, are the colors of the hoodies. I’ve definitely got a few favorites from the color scheme above! I’ve been especially in love with the pair 7722 C and 496 C. The combo makes me swoon! I’ve got a thick hoodie in 7722 and tennis shoes in 496. I feel on top of the world wearing this duo.

Jean Jacket dreams
The weather has been a bit warm and cold this season. For the warmer days I enjoy busting out my jean jacket. It’s oversized and has huge pockets for me to store anything. There are a few holes in it but I love the distressed look of it. What makes it great is that it’s also lightweight and doesn’t add bulk to my silhouette. Simple but interesting jackets are a great way to take that hoodie and jeans look to a new level. It’s less careless and a bit more fierce!

Comfortable bottoms
I’ve got black jeans and a few black skirts that I can whip out when I need to. Since I spend more of my outdoor time walking the dogs, I need practical bottoms. Keeping it simple with black is a good way to maintain a timeless look. I know that some jean color trends are seasonal and there’s no going wrong with a classic black.

Heavy Duty outerwear
No Autumn capsule wardrobe would be complete without a heavy duty jacket. I’ve got a wonderful jacket from last year that I’m still obsessed over. I do have a few other heavy coats that I can bust out too. I’ve got a spiffy military trench coat for those colder days and a beautiful light corduroy jacket embroidered with stars and moons for when I need something a little more glam.

Boots made for stomping
My mom bought me a wonderful gift when she came to visit, a pair of 1460 Docs. It took me about two weeks to break these bad boys in but it was worth it. They’re perfect for walking in the mud, puddles of water, and overgrown park paths. I love them so much! I want to wear them for many years. All my other boots lasted a year before falling apart.

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