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How to prepare your home for summer

Summer is already here but if you’re like me then you’ve been slacking. These past few weeks have blended together and summer snuck up on me. It’s been so warm here and most of the windows and blinds stay closed all day. It’s strange sitting to work in the dark but it beats the heat… At least a little. So what advice do I have for you to prepare for summer? Embrace that vibe and get your booty into gear!

Summer Prep
Get rid of all those spring bedspreads and themes because baby, that time of your life is over! Right now spring reminds me of when quarantine first hit but now everything in The Netherlands is opening up again. Fill your home with light and airy elements that help to bring your favorite summer themes inside. I love white sheets during the summer so they’ve all come out of hiding. Another thing I do prepare for summer, is keep a bottle of Breath Of Fresh Air to spritz on since we don’t have an AC.

Sort your things
Oh boy, I’m terrible at this. Just because I cleared out my closet, doesn’t mean I organized it well. Make sure that your summer pieces are at the front while you push the winter pieces to the back. I’ve only got one wardrobe with my entire year is packed into it. Don’t be like me, frustrated midmorning, dripping with sweat, and looking for a tank top. Keep that baby up front and center so you can grab it and go!

Switch Colors
My color pallet this summer is rose pink, honey, and taupe. I want to stay away from all the black I had worn last summer so I made a promise to myself. I would only resort to black if I seriously had nothing to wear. There hasn’t been a problem yet! If you’re like me and you have a smaller wardrobe to work with, having a capsule wardrobe makes life so easy. Pick and choose a few things you adore and put away or donate the rest. It also forces you to pair your pieces in different ways, so get those brain cells into gear and start planning!

Plan your meals
Summer is all about BBQs but what can you do if you don’t have one? Improvise! This year wanted to prepare for summer by googling my favorite summer meals and made a list of what we need for each. This week we had Sloppy Joes and Fries, something Sander had never tasted before. We also had chicken soft tacos and fajitas! Next week I’d like to make some fancy hotdogs or maybe even a cold pasta dish. The options are endless so that your summer can be too!

Don’t forget the plants!
Oh boy, let’s talk about the plants. Don’t forget to water them as often as they need it. All my balcony plants need a ton of water since they sit out in the sun. My indoor plants are in better shape but that doesn’t mean I can slack off. Water your plants in the evening so that the summer heat doesn’t steal what you’ve just poured out. Now is also a great time to feed your plants fertilizer so they can grow huge! Ah summer takes me back. I remember my mom standing outside with a hose and a hand on her hip as she watered the flowers. I don’t have a lot of memories of my younger childhood days but a few of them from summer are precious to me.


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