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Cherry Blossoms in the Amsterdamse Bos

On the edge of the Amsterdamse Bos sits a circle of beautiful cherry blossoms. 400 of these elegant trees were a gift from Japan to Amstelveen in 2000. Of course Sander and I kept missing our time to go so we decided to use the sunny weather to head outside. I know we’re supposed to be in quarantine… But Sander and I could not resist the outdoors on Saturday. We’ve been in the house for so long and it was fine because the weather was terrible… And if we missed going this year we would have to wait another year. We’re terrible people… I know.

We’ve been long time fans of Japanese culture and have plans to visit someday. In the spring the Japanese have viewing parties and picnics under the blooming Cherry Blossoms. With the quantreen, the best we could do was take a walk around the park but it was still lovely.

Now I’m not one to usually post a ton of photos but I think I can make an exception this time. I know that these flowers are typically depicted as having a delicate pink hue but all of them were white. The pinkest of trees were the tiny bulbs before they bloomed. Still I wanted to take a ton of photos because it only happens once a year. So please enjoy these photos of our trip to the Cherry Blossoms in the Amsterdamse Bos!

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