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I spend some of my free time watching Youtube channels and a few of them have talked about Function of Beauty. I’ve had an interesting hair journey so far and my latest routine has left me wanting a bit more. So I opted to order a box when Function of Beauty had a discount. I went for a single box with the shampoo and conditioner in the smaller size of 8 oz.

What is Function of Beauty?
A company that a couple major selling points. First off, it’s a cruelty free and vegan company. It also creates products that are sulfate and paraben free, sustainable and made in the USA. I’ve heard about the company from various social media accounts but wasn’t too tempted to buy. Recently I wanted to find a new hair care routine to tackle my drier hair. I had added in Lush’s R&B, and while it’s a great item, it didn’t solve my problems. So I decided to take the plunge and try out FoB.

My hair profile
Another big selling point of Function of Beauty, is that they customize the products to your needs. Users take a quiz when first signing up for a box. My hair profile is as follows: I have curly hair, with medium texture and normal oil production. My hair goals aim to attack anti-frizz, add curl definition, strengthen, lengthen and add shine. There’s also the option to add color and a scent to your products but I went dye and fragrance free.

The products
The shampoo and conditioner arrived 2 weeks later in a cute box with the bottles and 2 pumps. The bottles come with a screw on cap so that nothing spills during transportation. There’s also a sheet of waterproof stickers so that you can add some customization to the bottles. There’s also a small Function of lily written out on the bottles, personal touch I thought was super cute. The color of the shampoo and conditioner is a pleasing beige hue and I love it a lot.

First impressions
I don’t want to jump ahead and say it’s cured all my hair problems. But upon first washing, my hair was softer and less frizzy. I’ve used it 6 times since I’ve ordered it and my hair appears to be better with each wash. I’d love to come back after I use up the bottles and give a final impression. I went fragrance free but since they contain coconut, there’s the faint smell of that. Otherwise both items are true to no scent. Both have a slight lather which is great for me. There are also instructions on how the user can make the most of each product. I had no idea that it’s a good idea to use a wide tooth comb to help distribute the shampoo and conditioner!

Thoughts for the future
If I do order again, I’d like to change up what my profile is. Instead of lengthen, I’d like add hydration or something else. The 8oz bottles might last me a long time so that’s a good amount of time to test out a product. You can be sure I’ll be back with final thoughts.


If you’d like to give Function of Beauty a try, you can sign up here and get 25% off on your first hair care order.

This is a non sponsored post, I was authentically curious about the Function of Beauty line.



It’s been nearly half a year since I started using Function of Beauty! I’ve gotten roughly 60 washes from the 8 oz. bottles, which is pretty damn impressive. So here are my thoughts on the experience. While the first day after wash is great, my hair quickly falls flat and lifeless. Lucky for me, I tend to keep it tied up in warmer times, so there’s no issue. I also can’t say if it’s stress, but my hair has been shedding more than usual. I’m not going to say that it’s because of this shampoo but I’m not the only one who experienced some more shedding after using FoB. While it’s nice to have something catered to your personal needs, I don’t think that FoB impressed me that much after a few months of use. And now that the bottles are over, I’m actually glad to be moving on to something new.

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