A small Lush haul

We went to Amsterdam recently and decided to pop into Lush for a few items. Now Lush is a an indulgence for us. We go once a season to stock up on limited edition items which we now have a surplus of. It’s not that we busy so much at once, it’s that the product lasts for a long time. We buy soaps and once once in a great while a bath product.

I’ve got oily roots and even though I wash it every three days, I always feel like it gets oily way too quick. Especially when I use shampoo and conditioner combos, the residue is too much for me to handle. Big is made of sea salt and citrus juice so it’s a strong cleanser for my oily hair.

I’ve used lemon juice in the past to clean and cleanse oil from my finger nails and it works like a charm. Big is no different. All I have to do is wash my hair with it and my natural curls work in harmony with the volume boosting formula. It never weighs down my hair and this is the third or fourth time I’ve repurchased. It’s hard to remember since I end up using it for six to seven months at a time.

I’ve been dying to buy one of the Lush perfumes and I’ve finally decided on Dirty. It’s so hard to describe it in simple terms. It’s fresh, soft yet spicy, comforting and yet bold. I adore the scent of sandalwood as well, and was excited to see it in the product list. I sampled this scent and thought about it for two weeks before I took the plunge and I’ve been glad I did!

Since I saw that tea tree is good for blemish prone skin, I’ve invested in a few products but never this one by Lush. It also contains grapefruit and juniper water so the tea tree smell isn’t too strong. Not that I minded the scent before but this makes me feel more refreshed in the mornings and before bed. Also far so good, my skin is reacting well.

The next time we journey out to Lush will be in the fall for those delicious Halloween/autumn treats they stock. Sander was obsessed with Fireside so we ended up going back and getting more. I can’t wait to replenish our supply of Lord of Misrule, that’s our current favorite body wash and we’ve been using it since mid-October.

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