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My favorite photos on my phone

Let’s face it, we all live and breath with a cell phone in at least one hand. I have friends who even have two. However, the number one feature used and shared is the camera. We document everything in life via the tiny lens built into our phones. I thought it would be fun to share a few photos that I have stored on mine and a little bit of info on how you can take similar shots. These were all taken in 2017, so I guess you could say it’s a quick summary of my year through my phone.


Sander and I go for walks all the time because Booker is a mountain of energy. This has exposed us to so many beautiful spaces around our town and in surrounding areas as well. Summer and fall are the best times to take photos since the sky is blue and the colors are vibrant. Spring is full of moody showers and everything is dead in the winter. The perfect time to go out is when you feel inspired. Keep an eye out for anything that just jumps out at you. It’s easy to get carried away with all the technology we have these days but a digital detox for a few hours is always a breath of fresh air.


I sometimes spend too much time looking out for florals to photograph. I love them a bit too much! Sander usually ends up with Booker’s leash so I don’t have to worry about her and I can snap away to my heart’s content! Look for contrasting colors so that the subject matter really pops out of the background. Taking macro photography with a phone needs a really steady hand so be prepared to take a lot of photos and to fail even more. Practice makes perfect though, so try and try again!


Booker, Booker… This troublemaker is the subject matter of nearly 500 photos on my phone. While I do photograph her a lot, let’s be honest… She’s so photogenic! I’ve been taking photos of her since she was a baby so she’s used to the snap of my cameras. However since I usually photograph her with my phone, the magic word here is “kijken,” which means look. “Booker kijken” promises her looking directly at the camera. Most of her personality comes out in photos where she’s not looking at the camera though, so you need to learn your pet’s best and worst angles!

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