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MoYou PRO 18 stamp plate

I don’t buy as much nail polish as I used to. There aren’t many things that really get me excited when it comes to nails. However, when I saw the new Professional plates by MoYou, my heart leapt out of my chest.


While stamping plates are not new to the nail scene, I really felt these patterns speaking to me and jumped at the chance to get them.


What is a nail polish plate?
It’s an easy way to create fancy looking nail art without needed the skills. All that is needed is a stamper, a plate, and the right polish. By right polish, I mean a top coat that won’t smudge the art once it’s been laid on your nail. There are a large number of polishes that can be used to create the art but the topcoat must be either water based or made specifically for stamping.


Since I didn’t want to waste time looking for one locally, I just bought a whole set. This included the plate, a stamper (I have one already but it’s super small and doesn’t have a window to see where the art will go. This will make it ideal for other projects but not so much for precision art.) a copper polish, and a top coat.

I ended up messing around with a silver polish instead of the copper one since the MoYou bottle is pretty small. I didn’t want to waste any polish while I experimented.


The results?
I found that I like how the polish looks on a bare nail. This is similar to how the MoYou promotional image advertised a few of the stamp patterns. I’m still looking for a good gold to really replicate the design. Since they were sold out of the gold, silver will do for now.


What are the pros and cons of putting the design on a bare nail?

– A matte nail with metallic polish without having to use a matte coat
– The more the polish flakes off, the more of a distressed a pattern looks
– There is much less commitment to a particular style
– I can really rock the minimal nail art trend that I love so much

– Nails are entirely unprotected to chipping and peeling
– Nails can be prone to breaking (nail polish builds up the thickness of a nail and sort of protects it)

If you’re like me and want a simple and stubley flashy nail look, I would highly recommend these plates. It does take practice to learn how to use them properly but there are a ton of videos explaining the process and how to use the tools correctly.

The plates retail for about £5.99 and the polish varies. I suggest checking the site often for sales!

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