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How to avoid buying the unnecessary

Allow me to share with you something that happened this past weekend. Back in January I had visited a wondrous place called Global Garden. It’s a giant store filled to the brim with outdoor and decor. Think of a mixture between the garden section of Lowe’s and Pier 1 Imports under one roof.

It’s heaven, let me tell you. Anyway, the last time I had visited, there were terrariums on display. Now they were reasonably priced at a little under €30 and I wanted to pick one up to put next to our TV.

The thing is, Sander and I share a home. It’s not mine alone. So I wanted to talk to him about it and see how he liked the idea. He enjoyed it quite a bit. The sad thing was when we finally made the time to go, they had all been sold out. Instead of buying something else to fill the void, we left. The only thing we needed was the terrarium. How did we have the willpower to not stray from our plan? There were so many amazing things to buy! How did we make it through without picking up anything unnecessary?


Go in with a plan
My plan was to pick up one of the amazing terrariums that had been on display but alas, fate was not on my side. They had all sold and replaced with other plants. I had an image in mind and stuck with it. If they had sold out, it was not meant to be. It’s important to keep to your plan so that you don’t pick up something you should stay away from. I knew that we were only going in for that one item and since it was not available, we walked out.

Decide on a budget
If you want to buy something new for your space, that’s fantastic! But it’s important to think within your means. If you can’t afford it then leave it. If the terrariums had gone up in price, we may have considered getting them but only if it was reasonable. We did look at other plants but decided that they were unnecessary.

Stay within your theme
It’s so easy to make an impulse buy when you see something that catches your eye. If you have a theme for your house, stick to that so you won’t be at a loss to where to put your new item. Our house has blue, grey, and gold tones throughout it. This means I cannot buy green or purple items. No matter how much I love those colors, if I bought a decorate vase that won’t fit in… It will never fit in.


Don’t settle
As I stated before, we looked at other plants but decided they weren’t worth it. The terrarium would have been a focal point of the room. They were amazing and unique and changing that up would have given the room a different feel. Sometimes it’s best to walk away instead of settling for something you don’t feel 100% in love with. Buying something unnecessary can be a waste of both time and money. Save both for something you love.

Get creative
Since I can’t find them in stores anymore, I can do the research to make my own. Making it on my own may give it more meaning in my life. It will take time and effort to put one together but if I can get Sander to make it with me, it will me all the more sentimental. Sometimes you have to go beyond what you’re comfortable with and get your hands dirty!

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