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How the Dutch spend summer

Summer has arrived in The Netherlands! School is out and so is the sun. Temperatures are on the rise and the beaches are packed. How do the Dutch spend a Netherlands summer? The answers might surprise you.

They don’t stray too far
Holiday homes and campgrounds are super popular for families who love the outdoors. Otherwise, travelers make their way around Europe with purpose. Most don’t venture too far from The Netherlands. The summers are so mild, it’s hard to not enjoy staying home. A Netherlands summer is simple and made for everyone to relax and enjoy. It’s more about soaking up the sun and having an enjoyable time.

They keep it simple
Many students are free from school so it makes sense for families to take the time off together. To keep things cheap (as is the Dutch way) a day trip to the beach is within perfect reason. If the beach is too far from home then a backyard BBQ is the best way to enjoy the sun and not spend an arm and a leg. During a Netherlands summer, cheapest is best. Many stores have huge deals on packaged foods made for a BBQ so it’s easy to spend around €20 and have a meal for two days.

They love to party
We finished celebrating our Feest Week in our town! Feest Week is an entire week packed with fun and games for any generation. There were motocross races, events for children and even volleyball tournaments. The festivities are lead by a night filled with fireworks. There were fishing tournaments for all ages. Pole vaulting was also a thing. There was even a small horse parade! A large carnival had taken up residence in the town center as well. Rides and games were the main attraction. Delicious sweets that only appear for holidays. Sander and I already had plans so we missed out on this year’s Feest Week but maybe we can attend next year!

A Netherlands summer always has a thousand surprises waiting to be found and I can’t wait to see what else we discover!

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