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A letter to spring

Finally. I know you’re taking to show yourself in The Netherlands but at least I know you’re here. I haven’t been more excited for you to arrive.

There are a number of reasons I’m so thankful for your arrival.

First and foremost because of the warm weather. While I enjoy wearing hoodies, it can get old after 6 months. I want to wear shorts and sneakers again. I want to feel light and free when I leave the house. I want the wind in my hair again.

Warm weather also means we can walk our herd of dogs. Our two Shibas and Sander’s parents’ dogs make a wild team of four. I can’t wait to revisit Big Spotter’s Hill and the park by the pancake house. The smell of freshly cut grass and dew on my shoes reminds me of a simpler time.

We’re also heading out to a vacation home as well. Although we aren’t sure where to just yet. The vacation parks out here are pretty amazing and now that we have both Booker and Haru… I can only imagine the wonderful chaos.

I’m also excited to see the green envelope the land once more. The landscape grew brown and barren when fall rolled in. It’s so nice to see flowers spring up and really something else to watch Haru go up to each one for a good sniff.

However you’re still taking your time to come. Most of these days have been rainy and cold. While we get gentle peeks from the sun now and again, I’m excited for it’s return.

I just want to get out and feel like I’m 10 again. Those California springs spoiled me to no end. I hope that these Holland ones will grow on me as well.

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