A few hours in Amsterdam

A few hours in Amsterdam, March 31st

Sander and I love to take what the Dutch call “een dagje weg.” It’s basically a day that you’re away from home and having a good time. For us, this means we head into Amsterdam for errands. These are pretty basic but each time there’s something new to experience. We go often enough that I think it would make for a good small feature!

Today we skipped breakfast to head to our favorite restaurant Ramen-ya. I decided to try something a little bolder and I ordered the Kimchi. I was pleased to find that it was actually spicy! It’s not easy going from a home where green chilies are common place in every meal (even breakfast)! I don’t cook spicy foods at home because Sander can’t eat them. So it was a pleasant surprise when I dug in. Of course we also had our normal order of fried Japanese chicken, karaage.

After that we headed out to various stores to buy what we needed. One of the main reasons we head to Amsterdam is for a particular bookstore that sells Snotgirl. I picked up issue 13 and we headed on our way. The next few stops were for skincare and hygine items. This included Lush, DECIEM Inc., and Douglas for my favorite make up. After that we headed to the ABC. I was thrilled to find Make Good Art on the shelves so I grabbed it. It was also time for us to get a membership since we always come away with a few books.

The sun was so bright out and it made for the perfect day! It’s been a hard winter and I’m ready for it to end. It feels so good to have the sun once again on my windows. Soon enough spring will truly be here! There are already tons of flowers in bloom and you know what that means… A trip to the Keukenhof!

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