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Nanowrimo Week 2

Nanowrimo Week 2 has been amazing fun so far but it does come with it’s blockades. Writer’s block, burn out, and a lack of motivation always come after me right about the halfway point. It’s been two days since I wrote anything for it. I can still catch up but let me share an update on how the process is going so far.

Changes will in the works
I pictured one story in my head and something different is on the page. It’s normal to experience. One idea might sound nice but once the story starts going something new emerges. That’s what I love about the writing process. I get to make a character and develop this person as I go. The more I write down, the more they change and evolve as their world changes. It’s why I always love the death of a character. How will this death shape the world around them? Let’s start to count the ways!

Pacing is off
I’m at the halfway point to the story and the main plot hasn’t even been explained… Talk about terrible pacing. That’s ok though because many Young Adult books hover at around 80,000 words. The goal for Nanowrimo is only 50,000. It’s understandable that the first draft of a novel is going to have terrible pacing. But it’s not a trouble everyone experiences! There are a ton of authors out there who have the method down like the back of their hand.

What are chapters?
Right now I have one, large document without chapters or breaks. It’s the first year I’m doing it and easier for me to work this way. I don’t have to worry about ending at an appropriate place for a chapter. I don’t need to concern myself with cliffhangers or a spicy sentence. Working like this has allowed me to experience less stress and it’s been beneficial to my process.

Feeling a bit hesitant
It’s getting to the point in the month where I’m too tired to write. Not that I’m physically tired… More mentally. The idea of writing gets me exhausted. I can’t say that it’s because I have nothing to write about. I do. But it’s more of my brain saying how do I create sentences again? I get this way during every year so I know what it’s all about. What I’ll do is turn to dictating my story to my Bear App. This way I can’t second guess anything. The words come flowing out and I’m unable to stop because dictating allows that rigid flow. It’s great for days where I need to catch up (aka this weekend)! Nanowrimo Week 2 is over but I’m not ready to stop!

Pushing through for the love of it
I do love writing. When I update that number on the Nanowrimo website, there’s pride and accomplishment. I do this every year because I love it and it’s not a slog through the mud. But it’s hard for me to remain in that “power through” state. Even now, as I write this, I’m finding it hard to think of words! That comes with any hobby though and that why a lot of artists who did Inktober suffered from burnout.

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