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Japan Festival in Amstelveen

The Dutch have a fascination with worldly culture and it’s safe to say that Japan is a popular topic. The Dutch/Japanese relationship goes back over 400 years. With the advances in technology, it’s no wonder that countries are forging new relationships and creating international companies. The Japan Festival is an event strengthens the bond between Japan and the Netherlands. This year the Japan Festival for 2018 took place in the Amstelveen Shopping Centre. Activities started at noon and attendance was…

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Food Food in South Holland

Mouth watering ice cream at Lekkers

Lekkers is a magical and delectable storefront down in quaint Zoetermeer that features some of the best organic ice cream I’ve ever had. Featuring tarts, a multitude of ice cream flavors and even custom chocolates, it was featured as the best ice cream of South Holland. It’s not hard to see why. The ice cream bar is packed with customers and there are more than enough flavors for any palette. The first time Sander and I stumbled upon it, was when we…

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