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Why everyone should blog

This topic has been covered a thousand times by a thousand writers but there are so many who still don’t have the courage to speak. I have a few friends with blogs as well, and it stems from a great passion to share experiences. What one writer has to say can end up being different from another and that’s all part of the human experience. So here’s one more list of why everyone (including you dear reader) should blog.

Develop a strong voice
Writing isn’t easy. It takes years of practice and an understanding of how you think to be able to place down thoughts into words. It’s easy to imitate how others write. If you copycat every good blog you see, you won’t be able to develop your own voice, your own human experience. This is important because the internet is so vast. There are thousands of stories to tell and there’s more than room for everyone to share theirs. It’s your inner monologue, your fighting spirit, so embrace it!

Growing confidence
It feels amazing to connect with other like minded people. Developing friendships has never been easier. You don’t have to worry about people judging you for your shared interests. The internet has become the simplest way for the shy and timid to reach out and not feel so alone. I’m a 90’s kid and the children today have no idea how good they have it!

A sense of community
Since moving, I’ve lead a much quieter lifestyle. During the week, I’m at home working on various projects. On weekends Sander and I hang out. It’s the two of us most of the time. And while I love him and the idea that we can spend all day together, it’s nice to reach out to some of my friends from home. A small group of them keep online contacts via blogs or regular social media posting. It’s not too difficult to keep in touch. Blogging allows for healthy contact without being pushy about sharing. They post on their terms and you read when you can. Simple!

Learn something new
I can’t even begin to compile the list of skills I’ve learned since I began blogging. My most recent venture is into using Lightroom instead of Photoshop. It’s been a bumpy road but I’m putting along. I’ve used Photoshop since I was 17 years old and I’m finally ready to branch out into new territory. I’ve also begun to learn Premier and Audition so that my video skills can improve. It’s been a hot minute since I posted a Youtube video. It’s because I’m still working on improving my skills so that they match my vision for the channel.

Letting yourself go
Even if you don’t have a public blog, it feels so good to let your emotions out. Keeping them bottled up all the time doesn’t do anyone good. Those deep rooted feelings tend to brood deep inside. When I was young and having tough times in the family, I would write. Writing kept me out of over thinking situations. I kept writing and never gave it up until a few years ago. That was before I started this space though and now that I’m writing almost full time, it feels so good! I’ve learned that pushing passions away can be detrimental to my mental health. So I stopped fighting. I still have a long way to go and develop my writing skills but I won’t stop now!

You should write. Even if it’s not about the issues going on in life, you give yourself a creative outlet to pour into. You get to keep busy, find new ways to be imaginative with your thoughts. It’s not only liberating for yourself, but it gives you an excuse to grow. So if you made it to the end of this list and you still don’t have a blog, I encourage you to get one! Feed it and make it thrive!

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