We took a break from summer plans


Most times Sander and I pride ourselves with keeping busy. We book our weekends with fun plans and enjoy the down time by cuddling our dogs. This year has been a bit different. We’ve had few summer plans. Our weekends have been stay at home days where we spend time playing video games or reading.

The weather has been nice enough too. I often sit with the windows and french doors open to invite in the balmy breeze. These lazy days are a bit nostalgic for me. During summer vacation in high school I would sit at my window with a computer. I used to play around in Adobe Photoshop or write short stories. The smell of fresh cut grass also stirs up a lot of memories for me. I’m not sure if I find them comforting or saddening though. I do still wish my father was around. Instead I think of him often and remember the good times we shared.

This is the first summer we’ve taken it slow. Our summer plans have been minimal. We always wanted to fill our weekends with events or sightseeing but that’s not necessary anymore. For me it’s a sign that I’ve begun to settle down and feel comfortable in my environment. It’s hard to describe. Like there’s no pressure to see and do everything.

Later this week we’ll be taking Sander’s dad to Artis Zoo. It’s been years since he’s been there. When I first came to The Netherlands, he went on and on about how wonderful the aquarium was. So we decided it was time to take him back to visit. Our other summer plans include my mom and brother coming out in early September. We’re going to celebrate Sander’s birthday and then head to France for a few days. Sander and I have a few things to do around the house to prepare for them. Namely fixing the holes in the wall that Haru made when she was a puppy.

The dog’s are also having their birthdays coming up! You bet I’ll be celebrating again this year. It’s nice to settle into a routine and be at peace. Three years is a long time to come to terms with living in a new place but change requires time. It’s not a good idea to rush into anything, especially when it comes to feeling safe at home.

This life is a journey though and I always want to learn more. I hope everyone out there is aiming to live their best life! We only have one!

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