How the Ipad Pro 2020 increased my workflow

My trust Ipad Mini has been with me for a few years now and we’ve been through it all. We went to Europe together, both for holiday and moving day. We went through a huge break up and the death of my father. It’s seen many things of my life and it’s held up well. But with an older Ipad comes less support and I’ve struggled to keep it’s low memory free. Since we had all our holidays canceled and some extra money on hand, Sander asked if I wanted to upgrade to a new Ipad Pro. And I haven’t looked back since.

Of course I still use my Mini but it’s not my main Ipad anymore. And that’s because I spend many hours on Procreate. Since I use my new Ipad Pro 2020 for drawing, let me share how it’s helped me improve everything. From the way I draw, to the methods I use, the Ipad Pro has changed a lot of things for me!

Sync ready
When I was ready to switch to my new Ipad Pro, all I had to do was place both Ipads side by side. They detected each other and synced all my files and accounts! It took no time at all for me to have all my files, reference photos, and apps installed on my new Ipad and it was amazing. The Apple pencil needed to be next to the Ipad Pro to activate too! I thought I would have some trouble getting everything sorted but I was drawing on my new Ipad in less than an hour.

Easy to use
After the initial set up, all I had to do was set up my facial recognition and I was ready to go. I don’t remember it being so easy to get back to work on a new Ipad but it was amazing. And now, all I do is hold it up to my face to load up my workspace.

No wire fuss
I used to have to remember to plug in my old pencil and sometimes I would forget. Then I would have to charge it for a few hours before I could get to work on something. Now I use the magnets in my Apple pencil to attach it to my Ipad Pro! And charging it is as simple as that. Do remember though, that if you use your Ipad in this way, the pencil takes its charge from the Ipad. Make sure you have it plugged in otherwise you’ll have a fully charged pencil with an Ipad at half charge!

Faster turn around
The Apple pencil is so responsive that it blows my mind. I barely have to apply pressure sometimes! And I can now shade on the side of the tip, like a real pencil! While I valued my time with the Adonit stylus, I’m so happy that I took the time to figure out that this form of digital media was for me. Sander uses it and my old Mini for when he has the drawing bug. It’s been so good to be able to talk to him about art and using the new Ipad Pro has helped me improved how fast I can turn out new pieces.

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