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TomoFair Haul

We’ve been to a few conventions in the past and we’ve always had a good time. This year we wanted to revisit Tomofair. It’s been a few years since we last went, simply because we kept forgetting to buy tickets. Tomofair is always in early January so it slips under our radar all the time.

It’s a small even so there’s not too much to do at Tomofair. There’s the huge gaming hall where people can play Dance Dance Revolution and just chill out. Then there’s the main stage for live performances. The food hall always has delicious things to eat. But Sander and I spend all of our time in the dealer’s hall. There are only a handful of stores we’ve discovered that cater to our interests. Sander and I are avid Anime fans and we enjoy browsing stalls that sell merchandise. Thankfully we have a good idea of what we want to buy. So on top of a few other things we picked up, here’s a look at some of our Tomofair haul.

Tonymoly – I’m Hand Cream in Rose
Oh boy, I’m picky about my hand creams and this one is amazing. The smell of roses is light and not overwhelming. The texture is creamy and it doesn’t leave behind an oily residue. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Tonymoly and this is my first buy. So far so good! I would love to go back and pick up a few others for the next Tomofair haul since they’re super affordable too!

Etude House – Moistfull Collagen Cream
I’ve got a lot of Youtuber’s recommending Etude house but I never saw too much that I wanted from the brand. I’ve been looking for a new facial cream since I’d like to try new things. I found this one on sale and decided to give it a try. It’s got a light fresh smell, similar to clean linen. It goes on smooth and dries to a healthy matte. I like it for now and I’ll see if I feel the same way in a few weeks!

Morinaga Ramune Soda Candy
Oh boy, I don’t drink sodas but Ramune is one I’ll stop for. Since the drinks are expensive here, I don’t mind getting the candy instead. These citrus flavored balls are delicious and pretty close to the real flavor. I picked up one bottle for this Tomofair haul and I hope it lasts until the next convention!

Chocoball candy
This is one of the things that Sander picked up but I love it so much! I’ve given up eating chocolate (it’s been breaking me out) but that doesn’t mean we can’t have it in the house. These adorable little balls are the perfect snack any of the day. They’re crunchy and come in a ton of different flavors too. So far we’ve tried the milk, dark, and strawberry flavors. All of them are amazing.

Re-ment Pokemon Petite Fleur Perfume Bottle with Eevee
Sander and I are huge Eevee fans and I’ve been looking for this little guy for ages! I was so happy to have found him this time around.  Eevee comes in a little plastic bottle surrounded by flowers. It reminds me of the vintage perfume bottles and how classy they used to look. He’s got a place right on my vanity so that I can see him every day.

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