Booker our first Shiba Inu

Here it is! The post you have been waiting for, we got a puppy! She’s a Shiba Inu named Booker (named after the main character in Bioshock Infinite).

We had to drive a long way to get her but it was so worth it! She’s adorable and such a sweet puppy. Unfortunately we found she has giardia and she’s on medication for it.

She finished her latest set of medicine and seems to be improving but will have loose stool on occasion. We’re going back to the vet this weekend to see what else we can do. We can only hope she continues to improve.

Aside from all this, Little B has been adjusting well to our small place. Booker is learning fast! She knows she has to potty outside. But she’s not keen on wearing a leash up. Once she’s outside, she’s in heaven! Booker’s playful and energetic. For being so small she’s got a giant personality.

She loves sleeping in the strangest positions and on the weirdest things. She knows her name, sit, and paw. Booker listens well but still insists on using her teeth to explore. She’s going to be 12 weeks in a few days! She’s grown so much since we first picked her up but we still love her.

For updates on Booker you can check out my page on our Shiba Inus.

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